New student union opens at FSU

FSU’s new student union is open. Photo courtesy: Dalilah Posley

In the summer of 2018, Florida State University officials announced the reconstruction of the school’s student union.

The building was more than 60 years old and had been remodeled three times since its opening in 1952, when it was designed to serve 15,000 students.

The new student union — at a price tag of about $150 million — can now cater to more than 40,000 students. The previous student union could only fit around 25,000 students, limiting the opportunity for students to receive real educational opportunities.

“The goal is to serve and provide an opportunity for students, faculty, staff, alumni and guests,” Alana Kibiloski said, the director of development at FSU.

 Leaders say the new student union will bring job opportunities to the campus community and better educational benefits for students and alumni.

The new facility features a bowling alley, five restaurants, art centers, meeting rooms and a lounging area.

The building is more than 300,000 square feet. The top floor has the perfect view of the entire campus, with a balcony that can fit up to 150 people for parties or events.  Meeting rooms and the Student Senate chamber are located on the first floor.

During COVID’s peak, there were many restrictions. Students, staff and faculty stayed away from places where crowds might gather, and construction of the new student union slowed.

The Two information assistant leaders. On the right is Kyle Casiple and on the left is Rodolph Adonis. Photo courtesy: Dalilah Posley

Kyle Casiple is an Information assistant in the new student union at FSU. He says he is excited about seeing so many faces again under one roof without any COVID regulations standing in the way.

 “I remember walking from my dorm across campus, and I barely saw people,” he said. “The campus was empty. It is great to be around happy people in a new environment with better opportunities. The new student union is the place to be on campus.”

 The student union offers two libraries on each side of the building. Many students do not have to wait in long lines to purchase books or necessities or find a quiet place to study. For other students who might want a quick snack, there are several food options in the student union.

Destiny Fluellen is a criminology major. Photo courtesy: Dalilah Posley

Destiny Fluellen, a student majoring in criminology, says space and peace help her study well and focus more on her studies.

 “I am so excited,” Fluellen said. “We have more room to study and a better food selection than we had in the previous student union. This is also a great resource for students to connect and network with one another.”

 The building still has a few more businesses to add before it is complete. A sports bar is expected to be up and running by the end of the fall semester.