SGA holds first fall meeting

Photo courtesy: Jala Johnson

Florida A&M University’s  Student Government Association held its first meeting of the semester Monday. The governing body discussed upcoming meetings, events and held a confirmation for new members.

Prior to beginning the meeting, there was a roll call for all senators and chairs and a brief prayer.  SGA chair President, Kelton Williams announced that FAMU and Florida State University would jointly work on legislation.

The Students Relations Committee representative, Isaiah Lyse, presented details about on-campus housing issues occurring recently. More specifically he spoke to the flooding of Polkinghorne Village and Palmetto dorms.

“Village Residents evacuated due to flooding in dorms… one to four were forced to leave and go to a hotel courtesy of FAMU,” Lyse said.

Lyse continued on by explaining that transportation for first-year students has been confusing because of the conflicted bus schedule. However, he urged students suffering from these issues to write down their grievances and contact housing.

Student body President Zachary Bell swore in five new senators and talked about the latest initiative, the school drive. In addition, Bell reflected on the student senate meeting held with the FAMU National Alumni Association which urged students to vote early for the upcoming midterm election. He mentioned that not many people came out to register.

“Only 17 people came out, now that is ridiculous,” Bell said.

Bell ended his remarks by mentioning to the general body that he and the student senate will be heading to Miami, to support the FAMU football team playing against Jackson State University and to recruit students for SGA.

Soon after, confirmations began, with five students being approved for positions in SGA. The confirmation process consisted of an introduction, a 10-minute questioning period and a vote. The SGA body voted unanimously for the approval of all five students.