Summer school makes up for lost time caused by COVID-19

Leon County District Schools are holding summer school to make up for classroom loss during the pandemic. Photo courtesy:

Funds provided by the American Rescue Plan will assist students facing academic difficulties caused by COVID-19. These funds will cover summer school costs for students in Leon County this school year and next school year.

Schools that are willing to proceed with this decision will be sending invitation letters home with students to make up for missed time due to quarantines, faulty distance learning and other absences caused by the outbreak.

“With $12 million in funds from the federal government, the district, this summer and next, will be able to provide high school students with the opportunity for credit recovery.” Billy Epting, assistant superintendent of Leon County Schools said.

The new pilot program will help surplus students catch up to their peers. During the summer, middle schools in the county will focus their lessons on reading and math, while elementary schools will assist only the 25% of students that are struggling the most. The assignments that will be provided will not resemble a typical school day lesson but will do its job with regaining knowledge and strengths.

Teachers will offer reading and math lessons in more collaborative ways, including more group work, activities, and interactive projects, to ensure that students develop any skills that have been lost over the past two years.

“A group of students at Nims Middle Schools in Tallahassee, Florida are going to have to play catch up on over the next two to four years so that there won’t be 13-year-old fifth graders,” school board member Alva Stripli said.

Parents are definitely taking this to consideration because for over 10 years, the district has only offered summer school to third grade students who didn’t pass the Florida Standards Assessments.

Furthermore, there were concerns about parents with jobs during the day, but to accommodate them, the district will provide transportation as well as free breakfast and lunch to all students attending summer school.

This decision has pleased parents and students. Some students now feel as though they will feel more comfortable and will be able to flourish and grow.