Minto needed a purpose. She ‘nailed’ it

Businesswoman Tiyana Minto. Photo courtesy: Minto

A local business owner, Tiyana Minto, found success within her nail business, Virtuous Nails, creating a legacy that will forever be remembered.

With a talent for creativity and entrepreneurship, Minto, 21, used her lessons from

FAMU’s School of Business and Industry to launch her self-taught nail business.

In the beginning, Minto created her business to sustain her college lifestyle away from home but had no idea that Virtuous Nails would become a successful nail business in Tallahassee, with more than 13,000 Instagram followers.

“Life after starting my nail business is my happiness,” Minto said. “I never thought I would be the hot commodity in Tallahassee. I created my business through faith, resilience, and the efforts to be a virtuous woman. I started with the hopes to have money on the side to support my extracurricular activities, but now I can take the load off my family and fully support myself through my business.”

A glimpse of Tiyana’s work. Photo courtesy Minto

At 19, Minto started Virtuous Nails in her hometown, West Palm Beach. She refused to spend money on a nail class and decided to teach herself techniques from YouTube.

Minto created her business on the strength of her faith. She lives by the Proverbs verse, “Who can find a virtuous woman? For her price is above rubies.”

Aleya Bradley, client of Virtuous Nails, raved about Minto’s customer service and knowledge about nails.

“I think that Tiyana has great customer service. I love that she protects your natural nails, she treats them properly. She has great energy, and I can’t wait to continue my services with her business,” Bradley said.

A glimpse of Tiyana’s  work. Photo courtesy: Minto

Before finding her purpose through her business, Minto struggled with finding her purpose preparing for life after college.

Minto said, “I struggled, I often felt down thinking about life after school. I wanted a plan, I didn’t want to give up on school because I worked very hard since freshman year, but I wasn’t making money and I knew I was letting my parents down. I thank God for Virtuous Nails, my business truly saved me and molded me into a woman.”

Minto’s mother, Tamara Minto, is more than proud of her daughter’s business venture.

“I’ve always known that Tiyana had a creative mind, I was just excited to see her vision come to life.  As a mother, she has made me very proud and that’s more than I could ever ask for,” Minto’s mother said.

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