Hammond eager to move on to medical school

McKenze Hammond lives three lives. Photo courtesy: Hammond

For many, the sky’s the limit.  But for one student at Florida A&M University, there is no limit.

Mckenze Hammond, a senior bio pre-med student, has multiple hobbies and responsibilities beyond FAMU that are on the right track to greatness.

Born and raised in Atlanta, she has made her mark around Tallahassee.

While maintaining her academics, Hammond lives a double-life.

She works full-time at HCA Florida Capital Hospital, formerly known as Capital Regional Medical Center, where she is a patient care technician.

McKenzie Hammond lives three lives. Photo courtesy: Hammond

Hammond has an entrepreneurial spirit. She owns a personal styling business called KMANDEUN.

Balancing school, a full-time job, and her business has often put Hammond to the test.

“Working toward my career in the medical field has always been a dream and incorporating my hobby as a stylist has exceeded my goals,” Hammond said. “I often take a step back and ask myself how I’m able to juggle my responsibilities, but I owe it all to God. As my journey at FAMU comes to an end, I’m beyond blessed to push through the obstacles that I’ve faced and see the brighter in my potential.”

Hammond’s sister, Halle Hammond, has seen the growth in her sister and is proud of her accomplishments thus far.

“Mckenze has always had it in her, but to witness her greatness firsthand is more than I can ask for,” she said. “I believe she turned lemons into lemonade by even creating a business in the pandemic.  She’s truly an inspiration to all.”

McKenzie Hammond lives three lives. Photo courtesy: Hammond

Hammond has mastered her work-life balance into her schedule. She works 12-hour shifts at the hospital four days a week.

“Waking up at 5:30 a.m. every morning is a struggle and working 12-hour shifts is even harder,” Hammond said. “However, I always think about the outcome. The hard work and time that I’ve put into my success is going to reward me in the end.”

Hammond has always had a passion for fashion and creating her styling business was just a matter of time.

Unikique Murray, a client of Hammond’s styling services, said the dedication that she puts into her business is impressive.

“From the moment I hired Mckenze to style me for my graduation shoot, she was dedicated. There were a few nights she stayed up late working on my outfits, I noticed her passion then,” Murray said.

After graduation, Hammond plans on going to medical school to become a psychiatrist. She even hopes to style someone on the red carpet one day.