Tucker’s sweets are on the ‘geaux’

Morgan Tucker, CEO of Sweets on the Geaux. Candy grapes, chocolate covered strawberries and pretzels, and company logo. Photo courtesy: Tucker

Chasing your dreams will take you places you’d never expect to be. Morgan Tucker, a third-year business administration student at Florida A&M University, always wanted to have a business of her own, but never knew how far it would take her.

From growing up and watching her mother cook to making her own sweet treats to sell to her fellow high school classmates, Tucker knew that she could make something of this sweet skill.

Tucker started her baking business, Sweets on the Geaux, in her hometown of Baton Rouge, La., during the COVID-19 pandemic. Who knew that being bored during the quarantine would lead to a new career?

With a weekly alternating menu, Sweets on the Geaux allows customers to try something new every week. This is something that Tucker especially loves about her business.

“I love that my business gives me the opportunity to allow people to try new things and it brings people together for the better,” Tucker said.

Some of the desserts that she offers include Oreo balls, chocolate covered strawberries, banana pudding bowls, cheesecake bowls and so much more. She is best known for her Ooey Gooey, a gooey butter cake that comes in flavors like red velvet, lemon and funfetti.

After selling desserts in Baton Rouge, Tucker was soon ready to take her business to the next level and expand to the Tallahassee community, creating a traveling sweets business. Now, Tucker has loyal customers all over FAMU’s campus who adore her and her desserts.

Keiona Matthews, a second-year biology student at FAMU, said that Tucker’s desserts make her feel like she has a piece of home with her.

“We are all in college away from home and we miss having home-cooked meals and desserts,” Matthews said. “It’s nice to have a student like us bring homemade sweets.”

Christen Bryant, a third-year agribusiness student at FAMU, said Tucker’s personality is what she loves most about her business.

“With most businesses, the seller/owner is only exchanging the goods and that’s the end of the service,” Bryant said. “Morgan is an amazing person to talk to and she offers superior service, as well.”

Relocating her business wasn’t all sweet, however.

Tucker said that one of the hardest parts about moving her business was pricing.

“Whenever I move to different locations I usually change prices depending on my target market,” she said. “So sometimes it can be challenging for me to correctly price my products because it’s essentially paying for my time.”

Nonetheless, her customers continue to support her business and love her products all the same, no matter the price. Customers feel her products speak for themselves.

Although she is not the biggest fan of banana pudding, Matthews said she doesn’t know what it is but loves Tucker’s.

“When Morgan has it on the menu I have to get some,” Matthews said.

Bryant raves about the funfetti Ooey Gooey as it is her favorite item on the menu.

“It’s soft on the inside and it’s got the perfect amount of sweetness,” Bryant said.

Tucker hopes to one day have her own store-front and expand her business further by shipping sweet treats worldwide.