Swift’s clothing line came together swiftly

Photo courtesy: @shoppaholicsonly on Instagram

For many college students, being able to find a suitable source of income is no easy task. Whether it’s because of a busy academic schedule or simply a lack of motivation to work a job that does not truly interest them, college students struggle to find a source of income that is most fitting. However, this student entrepreneur has got it all figured out.

Amari Swift, a junior at Florida A&M University, is the owner of a clothing business, Shoppaholicsonly. Swift started her business last September after she came to the consensus that she was tired of working “nine to five” jobs.

“I wanted to figure out what I would be happiest doing every day and waking up to every morning,” Swift said.

Since she was little, Swift has always had a passion for clothing, so she began figuring out how she could make an income that included this. One thing led to another, and Swift soon decided to get her LLC and started creating her business. Soon, Shoppaholicsonly, an online clothing store, came about.

Swift said that the best part about owning her own business is that she can be her own boss. She is able to make her own schedule, make her own rules, and run things the way she chooses to. “It’s just a different kind of satisfaction when you start your own business,” Swift said.

This past semester, Swift had to juggle working two internships and maintaining her grades all while making sure her business was running smoothly. Luckily for Swift, she was able to earn a 4.0 GPA during this semester. Swift credits her time management skills for this accomplishment.

“I think I have always been good at discipline and time management,” Swift said. “I was never the person to put off my work and I always got everything done early or on time.”

However, not everything has always gone smoothly for Swift. One thing Swift shared that she struggled with when it came to her business was staying engaged with her followers through social media.

Swift was never a big social media person, so she was not always active and posting content as she should have been in order to grow her brand.

This did not hold Swift back, though. With the idea of financial freedom in mind, as well as not wanting to go back to working a “nine to five” job, Swift always remained motivated to continue operating her business.

Swift has found mentors who are making the profits that she dreams to make one day, so this serves as inspiration for Swift to continue working toward her goals. Despite any obstacles, Swift has always persevered.

“I know this is something that I truly want to do, so that is motivation within itself,” Swift said.

Swift’s brand reflects her interests entirely, and this shows in the positive outcome of her business thus far.

Shoppaholicsonly aims to “enhance your closet and provide trendy clothing,” as the brand’s Instagram page states, and this is something that drew Curissa Freeman, a third-year finance major at Florida State University, to Swift’s business.

“What I love most about Shoppaholicsonly is the quality of the clothes for the price,” Freeman said. “She sells really trendy pieces, and you don’t have to break the bank.”

Similarly, Asya Brooks, a third-year business administration student at Florida A&M University, said that Swift’s business stood out to her.

“I love how unique the clothing pieces are, these clothes are not just anywhere,” Brooks said. “The clothes are made for women of all sizes who want to look sexy and feel different.”

To shop Swift’s collection of fashionable pieces ideal for any event, you can visit Shoppaholicsonly.com.