Being a mother has changed my whole world

FAMU student C’era Pace and her daughter, Kaydence D. Pace. Photo courtesy: C’era Pace

A mother’s work is never done. A lot of moms can definitely agree on this. I for sure can agree 100%.

I am a senior in college and a full-time mommy. College alone for a young adult can be stressful but imagine being a parent and trying to find yourself, manage classes and be part of an organization. You have to learn how to manage because a lot of things come with being a young adult in college — but being a parent as well is another. Being a young parent  is a new challenge in itself, learning this perfect human you birthed and how you’re going to fit being a mother into your already busy school life is a new skill unlocked for yourself.

Being a mother has changed my whole world. It has shown me how spoiled I was before having a child and how much free time I had on my hands. You see everybody around you going to parties or events on campus and my only goal is to finish school for my future with my new baby.

I’m not saying as a young mother your life is over, but time management is going to play a big part in how you manage your social, mom and school lives. I find myself going out every blue moon, or once a month if that because my day to day consists of dropping off and picking up my daughter, getting to classes, making it to work afterward and if I’m off I might have a few hours to spare going out.

Many young mothers know what it’s like trying to manage all that. One thing that helps is when you have a professor who understands. That helps so much because the professors who work with you are most likely leading the classes you are going to pass.

When you have those professors who just don’t care and want you to figure it out, you are probably not going to pass. This semester has not been the easiest. In the beginning of the semester I caught COVID-19 and had to be out for two weeks going on three. Then my daughter became sick with a virus more than once after attending daycare this year.

A mother who attends Florida A&M University agrees that taking on the responsibilities of a parent can be hard in college.

“Whew, being a mom can be very hard,” Kentara Siplin said. “Try doing homework with a crying baby. It doesn’t end well for you.”