Tanelus’ FAMU videos a hit on social media

FAMU grad student Jean Tanelus. Photo courtesy FAMU athletics

Jean Tanelus, assistant director of facilities and operations at Florida A&M University, continues to focus his talent with film on producing sports media and the diverse culture of campus Greek life.

Tanelus spent his previous four years at FAMU earning a bachelor’s degree in business administration before graduating in July 2021.

Originally from Naples, Tanelus has been the assistant director of facilities and operations since last August and is also pursuing a master’s in sports management. As the assistant director, Tanelus oversees all FAMU athletic department events, including football games, track meets, fundraisers and other extracurricular events.

“I spend a lot of my time at the facilities either preparing for an upcoming event or working one myself,” Tanelus said. “During football season I would be down at Bragg often recording videos of students during the game or at tailgates and create videos for the university’s YouTube page or Instagram so people can get a sense of the ambience at a game.”

Jakob Feliciano, also an assistant director of facilities and operations at FAMU, praises Tanelus’ work ethic and his passion for filmmaking and videography.

“I’ve worked with him a lot over the course of the past semester and whenever he has an idea for the way something should be handled, he’s very vocal about planning and what kind of experience he wants to capture,” Feliciano said. “He’s a very genuine person. He puts the same amount of attention to detail into this as he would in his own ventures.”

As an undergraduate Tanelus served as chapter president for the Alpha Eta chapter of the Phi Beta Sigma fraternity and was one of the members who brought on the spring 2020 17 R.N.B. inductees.

Tanelus’ involvement with Greek life has also influenced the creation of his own media outlet for all fraternities and sororities on FAMU’s campus. It is titled Everlasting Decisions, garnering more than 13,000 followers on Instagram and 4,000 on YouTube.

“I really created this because before I joined Phi Beta Sigma, I could only find videos by one account that showed much older generations of students and I wanted there to be a more up to date representation of the yard on campus,” Tanelus said. “My goal is to document all facets of Greek happenings on campus and have filmed academic and musical fraternities as well. I want students on campus to see all that FAMU has to offer and not just the organizations a lot of people have become accustomed to.”