Cuevas is Rattlers’ leading hitter

Destiny Cuevas in action. Photo courtesy FAMU athletics

For some, softball is a social and physical leisure activity that is enjoyable on a nice spring day.

But for Florida A&M University’s Destiny Cuevas, softball is a big part of her life. It has shaped her into the young woman that she is today.

Cuevas has had a love for softball ever since she was 4. She knew that one day she would be playing for a college team.
Cuevas wears jersey No. 13 and plays shortstop for the Rattlers, but also dominates other areas on the softball field like catcher and left fielder.

Cuevas is known for being the Rattlers’ top hitter; she leads the team with 28 hits and a slugging percentage of .536. Cuevas believes that not letting the fear of striking out keep her from playing the game is one reason that she keeps prospering.

“My mentality through everything I’ve been through is what keeps be going,” Cuevas said. “I’ve learned that one mess-up doesn’t define me or how I play and I always tell myself to keep moving forward and have fun like I did when I was younger.”
Cuevas’ mother, Lydia Cuevas, said that Destiny has always been a born winner.

“There is no dollar amount that you can attach natural-born raw talent to,” Lydia Cuevas said. “Having the privilege to watch her play, grow and succeed is unexplainable and unmeasurable. Every time she steps foot on that clay, she always goes 150% harder than the day before. Her dedication to the sport she loves goes noticed by many and for that reason, many people come to see her play. She’s unstoppable.”

It is not easy being a top student-athlete, but Cuevas believes that time management is the key to it all. When she’s in class, she holds herself accountable and disciplines herself so that her assignments are done in a timely manner.

Cuevas’ teammate, Melkayla Irvis, describes Cuevas s a true leader.

“No lasting benefit to mankind is achieved without hard work, Irvis said. “Destiny has always been positive while also motivating her teammates and leading by example. From day one, I knew that she was something special on and off the field because of the drive she always had. She is not just a teammate, but someone who I consider a close friend.”

Cuevas encourages up-and-coming softball players to not let anyone take the love and fight they have for the game. She urges them to stay focused on the bigger picture.