New skate park includes a rattler

The new FAMU Way skate part includes a rattler. Photo by Carrington Whigham

FAMU Way, an almost completed city project that stretches from South Monroe Street west to Lake Bradford Road, is making significant progress on its third and final phase.

Segment three, which includes a FAMU Way skate-able art project with a centerpiece of a tall rattler — FAMU’s mascot) — has just been installed. The new addition has already caught the eye of a few FAMU students passing by.
The rattler is the city’s homage to FAMU. The snake will be about 225 feet, which will make it the longest snake run in Florida.

Jalen McClees, a senior business administration student and Tallahassee native, said he is thrilled to see FAMU represented in the city’s project on the south side of Tallahassee.

“Growing up near FAMU, you knew that this side of town was in desperate need of beautification compared to the many establishments and districts Florida State University has,” McClees said. “It really is amazing that my mom and I are able to drive down FAMU Way and see such beautiful landscape with our institution attached. This day has finally come.”

The Blueprint Intergovernmental Agency says where the skate park is being built, the purpose of the entire FAMU Way formally known as the History & Culture Trail project, is to recognize the historical significance of south side Tallahassee. This new addition was designed to pay tribute to FAMU.

The Blueprint Intergovernmental Agency’s website says the project “will honor and celebrate the rich African American history and culture of the neighborhoods, businesses, and people in the areas surrounding the Capital Cascades.”

The mission is to bridge the gap between Gaines Street and College Town districts, hopefully linking the Florida State and FAMU populations.

The FAMU Way stateable art project will be a skate park that will be like no other in the Tallahassee area. The Blueprint Intergovernmental Agency says the park will “embrace artistic elements to provide an optimal riding experience for park users and provide a visually stimulating space for spectators.”

City Commissioner Dianne Williams-Cox says she is also excited about the new skate park on FMU Way.

“I believe that this park will introduce more of our children on this side of town to skating and other extracurricular activities that can be done and performed in this area,” William-Cox told The Famuan. “It is a wonderful addition to the south side.”

The state-of-the-art skate park has already touched the hearts of many in the FAMU community. The project is anticipated to be completed this summer.