Broward’s first Black mayor seeks state Senate seat

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In 2020, Barbara Sharief, a former Broward County mayor, announced that she would be running for the newly created District 35 state Senate. Born and raised in South Florida, Sharief has used her political influence to serve her community and be a voice for the marginalized.

Sharief was the first African American woman to serve as a mayor in Broward County and is seeking to continue serving the state of Florida by running for a seat in the District 35 State Senate. Sharief was appointed as the mayor of Broward County from 2013 to 2014 and served another year from 2016 to 2017. Prior to being appointed as the mayor of Broward County, Sharief served as a former Miramar city commissioner and Vice Mayor to Kristin Jacobs.

As Broward County mayor, Sharief supported affordable healthcare, homelessness solutions, business assistance, mortgage relief, foreclosure relief and mentoring programs.

During Sharief’s tenure, she led the response to the fatal Ft. Lauderdale International Airport shooting and oversaw the destruction recovery following Hurricane Irma.

Outside of her accomplishments as a politician, Sharief has a long history of education in nursing. She graduated from Florida International University in 1996 with a bachelor’s in nursing, followed by a master’s in 2000.

Sharief pursued a doctor of nursing at Wilkes University in 2017, finalizing her educational journey.  She is also a certified advanced registered nurse practitioner.

In 2001, Sharief founded the South Florida Pediatric Homecare Inc. to provide premier homecare to children and adults that have medically complex needs.

“I believe Sharief will be a great fit for the Florida Senate,” Dade County native and CEO of Dauntless Beauty Bar, Chanel McCall said. “I believe she has the knowledge, patience and prior career experience that has prepared her for this big step.”

Sharief’s political goals include achieving economic stability by offering more jobs, tourism, affordable healthcare, better education, quality elderly care, gun safety regulation and small business support.