Rattlers’ bowling team dominates

Photo courtesy of famuathletics.com

Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University’s women’s bowling team have spent the season breaking the barrier, bringing multiple achievements to the university. The Rattlers traveled to Harahan, Louisiana, for their first seasonal competition at the Colonial Lanes Classic hosted by Tulane University. 

As the season progressed, the Rattlers traveled to Dallas, Texas, to compete in the first SWAC Round-Up, finishing in sixth place, with a record of 6-8. Following the SWAC Round-Up was the SWAC East Round-Up in D’Iberville, Mississippi. The Rattlers ended day one of the competition in third place, with a record of 3-2 and an average of 194.6. 

“My best experience since being a part of the women’s bowling team is when we were on the way to Mississippi, and we had a jam session,” said freshman bowling team player Janiyah Richardson. “We bowl our best that way.”

Within their first few competitions, freshman Jordan Shipp successfully led the field with one of the highest records on the team. The Rattlers finished the SWAC East Round-Up in fifth place, with a record of 6-8. Shipp finished the competition in fourth place with an average individual score of 207.64.

The Rattlers returned to the lanes at the beginning of March, competing in the TNBA Invitational in Atlanta, Georgia. With outstanding performance, the Rattlers finished in second place. Shipp finished fifth with an average of 185.4. Emily Sturk ended second with an average of 196.6, qualifying both Rattlers for the top-five individual finishes. 

“We have come a long way, and we have been through so many obstacles to get where we are now,” said Richardson. “I believe the women’s bowling team doesn’t receive the true exposure we deserve. We work as hard as other sports teams and don’t get any recognition.”

FAMU’s women’s Bowling Team has worked hard to make it to the SWAC Bowling Tournament in Arlington, Texas. The Rattlers will be competing amongst other teams included in the leagues’ top six ranking following the regular season competitions. The dedication of the Rattlers allowed them to steal the sixth slot for the SWAC Bowling Tournament with a record of 12-16.

The SWAC Bowling Tournament will be on Mar. 25-27, and fans and spectators will be granted free admission for the event. FAMU is encouraging students, parents and alumni to support the Rattlers as they continue to pave the way for victory.