Seminar teaches students how to save a life

Students and an instructor at Thursday’s event. Photo courtesy: Izzy Young

The Alpha chapter of Kappa Psi Psi Healthcare sorority held its first cardiopulmonary resuscitation [CPR] seminar on Thursday.

The sorority was able to partner with the Black-owned BLS CPR/First Aid training business True Samaritan.

Ariane Canales, a junior at Florida A&M University, said she enjoyed the seminar.

“The seminar was amazing; I learned a lot more than I truly expected honestly,” Canales said.

During the one-hour seminar, the panelists discussed several acts that could save someone’s life. The first step is to check to see if the scene is safe before starting the procedure. After observing the surroundings, one would make sure to check the responsiveness of the victim. If unconscious, the next step would be to immediately call 911.

You then locate the center of the person’s chest and begin the CPR procedure, where you push hard and fast, according to certified CPR instructor Muerriell Williams.

Williams explained the importance of knowing when and where to use CPR, but also knowing how to properly do the procedure without injury.

“CPR is for everyone. Children as young as 9 years old are able to be certified and perform CPR,” Williams said. “The more people who know how to do this procedure; survival will start to increase tremendously.”

Williams is a former FAMU student who is the owner and founder of the True Samaritan company. In addition to being a nurse, she has been running the company full time for about two years.

It offers BLS [basic life support] courses, ACLS [advanced cardiovascular life support] courses, and CPR, AED, First Aid courses.

The company also has a mobile unit set up for convenience, that allows them to teach classes right on the spot. This makes it easier for people to access their classes. The company is committed to teaching CPR and first aid training to any and everyone, according to the official  True Samaritan website.

As the seminar was coming to an end, Williams allowed students to experience hands-on activities with their CPR test dummies, and AEDs [automated external defibrillator].

Niyasia Benjamin, Kappa Psi Psi’s treasurer and event coordinator, called the seminar “a success.”

“For this to be our very first CPR event, and the evening turned out really good,” she said. “A lot of people showed up and I hope students are able to apply everything they learned today in the real world.”

Benjamin said the sorority plans to host another event in about two weeks that will allow students to get certified on the spot. All events that the sorority hosts are open to all students.

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