Obsessions creates a space for communication and fun

Photo courtesy of Betty Proctor, owner of Obsessions gift shop

Obsessions gift shop is a small store located in Railroad Square. Owned by Betty Proctor, Obsessions has creative and convenient items such as coffee cups, shirts, wine glasses, jewelry and more.

Proctor doesn’t only sell items in the shop; she also hosts creative workshops for the Tallahassee community and surrounding areas. Obsessions’ creativity pours into these workshops by allowing participants to create items like those sold in the shop.

Communication is the common denominator of Proctor’s workshops.

“These workshops work with communication and interaction,” Proctor said. “If we give an avenue for people to communicate, they get the chance to start practicing communicating.”

Proctor makes sure that her workshops reflect her goals.

“COVID has taken us all out of our comfort zones,” she said. “I thought it was really important to act with each other, especially for those who are on the autism spectrum … but not only them but it can be hard for a lot of people.”

Proctor says that these workshops are for college students or people who want to socialize but may not be comfortable or know how to. There is a purpose behind each workshop that is hosted at Obsessions.

“For me, I guess what made the art class so unique was the utilization of the drill,” said Charles Rhaney, a third-year public relations student at Florida A&M from Laurel, Md. “I really liked the addition of the class, and it made my spin art come out nice.”

Yet, with purpose, there is still a fun, creative and interactive environment at an Obsessions workshop. Participants can get a feel for the art they create and are able to express themselves through it. Also, if the item is something that you would want to share with the world, you can sell the item. Proctor prefers that you sell the item, when possible, as she encourages entrepreneurship.

“What made the art class so unique is the fact that it didn’t require me to already be a great artist,” said Curtis Bataille, a graduating public relations major from Palm Beach County.

“Anybody can make a beautiful piece to bring home while having fun and getting creative during the process. I would definitely recommend others participate. It’s a great way to try something different while also scratching your creative itch right here in Railroad Square,” he added.

This petite shop is always doing something different every month. In March, Obsessions’ gift shop will be hosting a tie-dye workshop that will take place on March 24.