Student Senate OKs funding for organizations

The Florida A&M Chapter of the American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers or ASABE, requesting funding before the student senate.

The weekly Florida A&M University (FAMU) student senate meeting was held Monday, Feb. 28 at 6 p.m. The meeting covered the announcements concerning FAMU’s annual spring festival, “Be Out Day” and the approval of funding requests from FAMU student organizations. It began with an opening prayer led by Student Senate President Zachary Bell.

Student Body President Carrington Whigham announced that the Student Government Association sponsored “Be Out Day” will take place on Mar. 26. The name for this year’s festival will be “Famchella.”

“It is an R&B concert, like I said, ‘Famchella’ and it’s a huge festival that not only contributes to SGA, but it is also spring preview week, so we have over 2,000 high school students across the state of Florida, Georgia, Alabama and Texas coming to visit our campus that very same weekend,” Whigham said.

The Powerhouse Chapter of Collegiate 100 requested and was approved for funding for their annual “Chapter of the Year” conference that will take place this June in Miami, FL. The organization will serve as this year’s conference host. At the meeting, Collegiate 100 representatives presented a breakdown of the funding and how the total was concluded. The funding will cover registration, hotel expenses and transportation.

Members of the organization were also allowed to present the importance of their requests. Julian Walker is a senior member of the chapter and says that it was a great opportunity for him when he attended.

“I actually was able to attend the national conference, which was set in Las Vegas spring of 2019. This is where our chapter actually won National Collegiate Chapter of the Year. It was a great resource and great recruitment tool. Not only for our organization but for the University as a whole,” Walker said.

The FAMU Chapter of Minorities in Agriculture, Natural Resources and Related Science, alongside the University of Florida, are serving as hosts for the 36th annual National MANRRS Training and Career Conference. It will take place from Mar. 23 through Mar. 26. They were approved for funding to finalize conference planning.

“My freshman year I competed in the national public speaking competition, and I won. I was able to say my speech in front of the entire conference. There are undergraduate and graduate competitions, there’s quiz bowl and there’s research discussions,” said graduating senior member Kayla Braggs.

Another student organization, FAMU American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers, requested and received funding as well. The organization needed money for upcoming events and the student rally that will be hosted by Virginia Tech. It will take place from Apr. 1 through Apr. 3. Each day will consist of different activities such as student presentations, networking opportunities and an alumni panel.

Before voting on a decision to approve or deny the funding request, members of the student senate were able to present questions to the organizations to further understand the cost breakdown.