Capital One HBCU event

Photo courtesy; famuinfo.

Capital One Financial Corporation hosted an HBCU Career Panel to help students throughout different HBCUs gain knowledge on what it is like to transition into the workplace.

The event was held on Feb. 28 via Zoom, and could also be viewed in the Rattler’s Den. Students were afforded the opportunity to sit in on a panel of 4 HBCU alumni who have transitioned into corporate America.

Kimberly Hall of Hampton University, Kanika Raney from Spelman College and Franco Harris from Florida A&M University all spoke on the panel of Capital One Representatives, which was hosted by Jake Hardman, another HBCU alumni.

The 90 minute panel gave viewers a small glance of the HBCU experience by first opening up with a DJ, Double J, who aimed to hype up the audience with tunes strolled to by Greek organizations.

Panelists spoke about how students can take their university experience and transform it into something beneficial.

“Being at an HBCU studying computer science, there are a number of things we hear in relation to the space of HBCUs and the thing that resonates with me is the pride that’s instilled in you at these institutions,” said Hall. “Every internship, every co-op I had geared me up into the professional workspace; that’s one aspect I found my HBCU to be very supportive in.”

The panelist gave their perspective on being African American in predominantly white spaces and how students can utilize their HBCU experience to prepare them for those experiences.

“Being at an HBCU, I gained the confidence and the ability to be comfortable in my own voice so that I can come into an environment where I sound a little bit different, I look a little bit different, and still feel confident in sharing my view, which is the only way you can get to solving problems in a great way, is if your authentic and you feel comfortable,” said Harris.

Recruiters also gave information on a “Students & Grads Diversity Summits” upcoming event. A 2-5 day event where participants become engaged with company leaders and associates through an all-inclusive culture-driven process.

The summit is aimed at freshman and sophomore undergraduate students looking for internship opportunities in technology and analysis.