FAMU spring election results

Students prepare as new elected officials take their place. Photo courtesy: rattlersunited

The votes are in and the people have spoken.

Florida A&M University’s (FAMU) election season full of events, promotional giveaways and elaborate graphics from candidates has finally come to an end for spring 2022.

During campaign season, candidates hosted a slew of events for students throughout campus. Some candidates used these events to help students get to know them on a personal level, while others used the events to get to know the students.

On Feb. 22, FAMU Electoral Commission filmed an Instagram Live video relaying the results of the elections. The Instagram page ‘Rattlersunited’ released a detailed poll of each result, including percentages of each winner.

The Royal Court of FAMU has tons of new faces with the following positions filled; Miss Sophomore Attendant, NOTA; Miss Junior Attendant, Skylar Warren; Miss Senior Attendant, Asia Duncan; Miss FAMU, Aliya Everett; Mister FAMU, Armani Jones; King of Orange and Green, Yukwon Toney.

The Student Government Association will also see some changes as the winners of the election take their stand to represent the school.

The results for SGA winners are as follows; Electoral Commissioner, Precious Robles; Sophmore Class President, Bryce White and India Gay; Junior Class President; Devin Nobles and Sidney Berry; Senior Class President, Arianna Cromarty and Kaleb Brooks; SGA President/ VP, Zachary Bell and Makira Burns,

John Jackson, FAMU Electoral Commissioner, stated on Instagram Live that the only position up in the air, for the time being, is Queen of Orange and Green.

“For Queen of Orange and Green, we have a run-off between Miss Kristine Wallace and Miss Jade Vinson,” Jackson stated. “We will be having a run-off Thursday for Queen of Orange and Green…please look for your FAMU email on Thursday for that ballot.”

Although many have shown excitement for the results of the election, others are skeptical of the results that will be produced from the winners.

Chauyen Norcrien, a sophomore public relations student from Broward County, talked about the campaign prospects at the time and how she would like to see the winners move forwards.

“One thing I hope the winners do when they win is keep their word,” Norcrien said. “You can talk a good game, but actions speak louder than words and just remember, as FAMU students, we hold the power to whoever gets elected for these positions.”

Winners are expected to hold their positions until the following election season.