Bored? Try Listening to a Podcast.

Home studio podcasts setup.
Photo Courtesy: Will Francis – Unsplash

Podcasts have been around for decades, but they have become increasingly popular over the past few years. With the extreme accessibility, listeners can tune in while doing almost any daily task.

There are over thousands of podcasts out there with many different genres, it is almost impossible not to find one that fits.

Many people find it helpful to wake up in the morning and listen to inspiration to prepare them for the day. The Love, Happiness and Success podcast with Dr. Lisa Marie Bobby, is full of motivation and affirmations for those who are seeking the three listed key elements in life.

For the people who love a good laugh, Don’t Call Me White Girl, is definitely one to check out. Host Damona is effortlessly hilarious as she talks about relationships, controversy, parenting and so much more. Many may recognize her from the viral TikTok skit, “Why you being weird to me?” She has also had a few popular guest appearances on the podcast like singer Muni Long, Wild ‘N Out star Hitman Holla and entrepreneur Ari Fletcher.

Jessica Moore, also known by her stage name Jess Hilarious, is another comedian who experienced her big break on Instagram but decided to reach another audience and joined The Black Effect Network. Her podcast Carefully Reckless is a series of reckless discussions that will have listeners feeling weak in the stomach from laughter.

Amirah Rahman, 22, enjoys the feeling of being on the edge of her seat while a story continues to unfold. “True crime podcasts for sure because I love mysteries and crime solving,” Rahman said.

It may sound shocking but true crime podcasts are part of the reason that streaming platforms associated with them have experienced a huge peak in listeners. Killer Instinct host Savannah Brymer digs deep into old and new case files that rocked small towns and put serial killers all over news headlines. What makes Brymer so popular is the fact she interacts heavily with her listeners on other social media platforms.


In the category of celebrity entertainment there are an abundance of bloggers who have transformed over into the podcast world. Hollywood Unlocked with Jason Lee, is all about society and culture. The uncensored conversations are definitely “not for the sensitive.”

Popular radio show The Breakfast Club is also available to listen on podcasting platforms. One of the hosts, Angela Yee, has owned her own separate series called Lip Service for quite some time now, but she has gained a lot of media coverage after interview clips of rappers NLE Choppa and Jim Jones were taken to other socials for further controversial discussion. Since then, her streams have increased.

Lastly, there is the religion and spirituality category. There are many others but this one in particular is up there on the charts. Since the pandemic a lot of people were not able to attend church service in-person, which resulted in other virtual methods.

Taylor Riller, 21, says that it is important when having many goals to listen to others who have achieved success and their journey.

“Being that I am a Christian and put my faith first it is easier to navigate the path that I believe has been set for me,” Riller said. “Podcasts help me stay motivated and keep going as a creator.”

While some are listening for entertainment purposes, others are truly learning something from listening to podcasts and getting inspired throughout the day.

Disclaimer: All podcasts listed are recommended to viewers 18 years or older.