My own Valentine

Self love.
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Self-love in its truest form is a beautiful thing and should be celebrated. Many people feel that Valentine’s Day is dedicated to couples showing the love that they have for each other, but nowhere does it say that it can’t be about the love you have for yourself.

There is no shame in being your own valentine, so, this Valentine’s Day, make it about you.

Take the day to show yourself just how much you love you. Use it as an excuse to treat yourself to the things you have been holding back on.

Make your own plans, of your own liking, on your own time.

Here is a list of places you can go to do just that this Valentine’s Day:

Go to the movies

Seeing a movie alone is definitely an underrated experience. This could be a great way to become more comfortable with your own company, which is a part of loving yourself. So, throw on some comfy clothes, pick a time to watch a movie that you have been dying to see, and buy all the overpriced snacks your heart desires. You can visit CMX Fallschase or AMC Tallahassee 20 to give it a try.

Visit a bakery

A part of self-love is treating yourself, and there’s no better way to do that than to indulge your sweet tooth. Give in to your guilty pleasures by visiting The Cake Shop or Decadent Delights Tally and picking out all your favorite sweet treats that will satisfy your cravings. By doing this, you are guaranteed to fulfill all your desires. Besides, who wants those cheap assorted chocolates anyway?

Go to the park

Visiting the park on Valentine’s Day is a great way for you to catch up with yourself. Riding your bike, setting up a picnic with your favorite lunch, reading a good book about self-love, or even journaling your thoughts are all great ways to enjoy some time alone in the fresh air. Cascades Park provides the perfect atmosphere to relax and unwind outdoors.

Take yourself to dinner

Dinner for one is not as intimidating as it sounds. Taking yourself out to your favorite restaurant, ordering that new meal you’ve been eyeing, and spoiling yourself to a little dessert, is a great — and tasty — way to spend your Valentine’s Day. The Edison, Table 23 and Harry’s are all delicious restaurants you can try that are nearby. If the thought of eating alone daunts you, try reading a book or phoning a friend while you enjoy your meal. It’s the perfect distraction.

Have a self-care day

A day dedicated to showing the love you have for yourself must include self-care. Whether it be a day at the spa receiving a massage, or visiting the nail salon to get a manicure and pedicure, there are several ways that you can pamper yourself and put a little extra time into taking care of yourself for a change. Remedy Spa or Belleza Beauty Bar are two great places that you can visit to get started. Also, social media can be overwhelming on this day as couples flood your feed showing the world the amount of love they have for each other. Use this time to unplug, relax, and enjoy your Valentine’s Day full of self-care.

Valentine’s Day does not have to be a holiday you dread because you are not in a relationship. There is no better love than self-love, so change the narrative of this day by putting yourself first and participating in the activities you want that you love. Treat yourself, take part in the things that make you happy, and make this your best Valentine’s Day yet.