FAMU continues to satisfy the needs of the university’s scholars

Photo Courtesy of visittallahassee.com

Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University has significantly evolved since being established on the highest of seven hills on Oct. 3, 1887. The ongoing modifications to FAMU’s campus are an effort to satisfy the needs of the university’s scholars.

According to the American Psychological Association, one-third of college students in the United States lack enough to eat and stable housing. FAMU offers multiple meal plans for on-campus and off-campus students that can be purchased with financial aid. This food assistance is also accompanied by housing assistance as FAMU’s campus offers housing in eight different residence halls, consisting of both apartment and traditional style living. These are some of the most essential aspects of FAMU’s campus, satisfying the two most important needs of the university’s students.

“I think in some ways, FAMU satisfies student needs,” Charlesalyn Preston, a fourth-year public relations student, said. “FAMU is a ‘listen to what we need and not what we want’ environment and I’m on with that.”

In many aspects, such as mentally, emotionally and professionally, FAMU’s campus consists of multiple resources to support students. These resources include all of the amenities of student services, such as counseling services, the career center, student conduct, conflict resolution and more.

All of these amenities allow for students to have resources that support mental stability, emotional balance, and professional development. The student services resources allow FAMU’s faculty and staff to assist students in surviving the hardships of being a college student.

Despite the academic and living support, FAMU students are still faced with minor needs and concerns that the university’s administration should acknowledge. The two most significant needs that should be considered are a more efficient financial aid department and developing more parking in the center of campus. By focusing on these two needs, students will have a more productive experience on campus due to not worrying about lack of parking for classes or lack of financial support.

Overall, the basic essentials for modern-day living and productivity are supported by FAMU’s campus. Students are being provided the necessary resources to have a successful college experience, influencing networking and enjoyment.

The needs of an average college student are being met and satisfied at FAMU. FAMU’s capability of meeting these student needs allows for the university to thrive every year and become a greater environment for future rattlers all over the world.