Alexander proud to represent FAMU at the Capitol

Ramon Alexander returned to his alma mater last week for the MLK Convocation. Photo courtesy: Glenn Beil.

Florida State Rep. Ramon Alexander, a Democratic member of the Florida House of Representatives, has represented the 8th District since 2016.

Alexander served as a House minority leader since 2018 and was elected for Leader Designate for the 2022-2024 legislative sessions.

Alexander, a Tallahassee native, FAMU grad and former student body president, is one of the state’s rising political leaders. He consistently uses his platform to be a voice for the voiceless.

“People are struggling in the state of Florida, and they have an expectation for us as leaders and lawmakers to make a decision on their behalf,” Alexander said. “I’m eager to sit down at the table of understanding to address issues that matter to our people.”

Alexander found a passion for public speaking while attending FAMU and serving in student government, where he was also Student Senate president. His team was instrumental in resolving municipal issues.

“Being involved in student leadership at FAMU is truly a microcosm of the real thing,” Alexander said. “FAMU provided me context about civility, integrity, overcoming adversity and being prepared. Understanding all of that has given me the strength and the capacity to think strategically and operate and a very challenging environment called the Florida Legislative.”

Florida A&M University celebrates Convocation on Friday, Jan., 14, 2022.
Key note speaker Rep. Ramon Alexander

Alexander has worked tirelessly with legislators to promote environmental awareness to eliminate the old structure of the State University System’s performance funding model, thus creating more opportunities for FAMU alongside other universities.

Cherry Alexander, Ramon’s mother, knew that her son would be special when he was just a little boy. With her guidance, she said that that is one of the reasons why he is prepared to take on the world.

“As my son watched me speak, he started to become a more powerful speaker,” Cherry Alexander said. “Over the years, I’ve taught him to always understand and believe in what he spoke about and by doing that is what made him the person that he is today.”

Alexander wants to make it a priority to fund all of the state universities at the levels that they should be funded at while also making a true priority in infrastructure by investing in communities that are under-served.

Despite a solid Republican majority in the Legislature, Alexander has nevertheless been effective taking on issues that are solely based on problems that affect individuals on a daily basis.

Alexander’s wife, Dr. Taniyah Alexander, speaks highly of her husband and said that she commands him for his efforts in giving his all to the community while being an outstanding leader to the public. His district includes Gadsden County and sections of Tallahassee in Leon County, including FAMU and the south side.  “Ramon is non-stop. He has always been a transformational leader,” Taniyah Alexander said. “When he believes in something he goes 500%, and as a wife, I couldn’t be prouder of him.”

Alexander said he plans to continue to incorporate fair policies to change the playing field for all Floridians.