Goode is more than just good at cheer

Alicia Goode has been on cheer teams for almost 15 years. Photo courtesy: Goode

Growing up in a semi-single parent household, Alicia Goode was the only girl out of five kids. Sports were a constant presence in the family so Goode decided what her sport would be.

Goode became a cheerleader after her older brothers started playing football. Growing up in Maryland, football was the dominant sport in the state, and it was evident that she would somehow have a part in it.

“My life revolves around school and sports when I was younger,” Goode said

At the age of 4, she stepped into the cheer world. After a couple of years, she transitioned to competition cheer, which is where she fell in love with the sport.

“We won nationals my sophomore year of high school,” Goode said. “That’s when I realized that I wanted to cheer in college. I knew high school was going to end but I wasn’t ready for cheer to end either.”

In 2019, coming into college, Goode wanted to continue cheering at a place with high talents and expectations, thus deciding to leave Maryland and attend FAMU. Goode surpassed her first goal of not only making the team but making the football cheer team. With this she had a lot of memorable opportunities. For example:

-Cheering at the Florida Classic

-Participating in the FAMU homecoming parade

-Constructed the “FAMU Cheer For a Day” community service event

Lakia Brown, assistant cheer coach at FAMU, described how Goode is an asset to the team.

“She is able to help provide effective feedback in every area such as stunting, tumbling etc,” Brown said. “She sees cheerleading in a way that surpasses uniforms and bows. Everyone doesn’t do that.”

Hannah Stewart, co-captain of the 2021-2022 basketball cheer team, explained how well she works with Goode because of their relationship outside of cheer.

“Sharing a leadership role in itself is challenging but sharing it with Alicia makes it dynamic.”

Stewart also explained how she and Goode relate to each other in cheer, because of how important the sport is to both of them.

Goode said she has no intention of cheering professionally.

“No. Only because it’s more so dancing rather than cheering,” she said.

Goode is finishing out her junior year as the 2021-2022 cheer captain for the basketball cheer team at Florida A&M University. Her final accomplishment in her world of cheer would be to make the football cheer team. However, this time make it as co-captain for the 2022-2023 school year.

After concluding the 2022-2023 school, Goode will proceed to further her education as a criminal justice major, earning her master’s degree.