Authenticity on display during First Friday in Railroad Square

There is no shortage of art in Railroad Square. Photo courtesy: Jaela Davis

Taking pride in wanting new experiences aside from my usual weekend activities, I attended First Friday at Railroad Square.

First Friday is a culmination of businesses, vendors, artists, and people gathering in one space to celebrate the first Friday of the month.

Railroad Square, located between FAMU and FSU, caters to all age groups and is family and pet friendly.

Being familiar with businesses like Same Ol Film Shop, 762 Art Gallery, and The Other Side Vintage thrift store, I wanted to go check out some of my regulars.

My curiosity also led me to finally stop by Railroad Scratch Kitchen, which is a popular venue among college students. While visiting, witch-costumed belly dancers made an appearance and took on a thematic Christmas performance.

With the holidays being around the corner, there was an emphasis on gift-related items and discounts catering to the majority.

In Same Ol Film Shop, it was opening night for artist Alexa Senan. Senan is responsible for a solo exhibition curated of film pieces from her recent series “Fantamas.”

“Fantamas” will be on display until December 31.

These pieces are minimal to the eye but hold great artistic meaning.

A new location I discovered was Rare Bird Furnishings & Décor. This store was an eye-catcher and spoke to my interior and artistic eye because of its vintage items.

When walking in this vintage furniture story, it feels like walking onto the set of a ’70s family sitcom or the Flintstones.

Inside they sell vintage furnishing, and household items.

Seeing this store proved to me that those managing and making things possible at Railroad Square understand the audience they’re catering to with their ability to cultivate timelessness.

This experience and visit to First Friday made me appreciate art more. It also made me appreciate living in such close proximity to art, and art-related opportunities and experiences.

Railroad Square is continuing to make strides in Tallahassee’s art world.

Through understanding community, and amplifying the voices of those around, this location is going to continue to grow in success and be home to people like me who feel like they belong when stepping inside any venue it offers.

Railroad Square knows how to keep people coming back for more whether it be newly painted murals, grand openings or First Friday. One thing remains consistent in their approach, and that is authenticity.