Grimes points, shoots and scores

Devin Grimes. Photo by Josh Padilla

Devin Grimes is known for his creativity and vision. He earned his title director of photography and communications assistant at Florida A&M University in July.

A native of Nashville, Gaines received his bachelor’s degree in journalism at Middle Tennessee State University in fall 2019. As a teenager, Grimes became intrigued with taking photos of his family at holiday gatherings.

“It was something that excited me about the click of the camera,” he said.

Initially, Grimes would grab his camera and take photos of his friends and family for enjoyment, but later decided that he wanted to take his skills to another level. He began taking pictures of old buildings, artwork and flowers to expand his vision and abilities to take great images. Grimes appreciates his grandmother, Pat Grimes, for believing that he could go far in photography. Pat Grimes said, “It’s amazing to see how much my son has grown as a photographer and to follow his dreams is really special to me.”

Grimes bagged several opportunities before he landed his position at FAMU. He was responsible for capturing images for all sports teams at MTSU. He helped direct and edit headshots and action photos for athletes at his alma mater. One of his most notable accomplishments was having the opportunity to work with hip-hop music producer Tay Keith, and Los Angeles Dodgers All-Star Mookie Betts.

“Learning the basics of photography and realizing the importance of grasping the little details of an image made me cherish holding the camera a lot more because I was able to see the magic that lies in that particular image. The feeling of joy that comes to me when I snap a photo is overwhelming,” Grimes said.

Grimes credits Tangela Grimes, his mother, for supporting his future endeavors by purchasing his first Canon PowerShot digital camera. He believes his mother is responsible for his confidence in his work and using his creative skills and imagination to develop a high-quality photo.

“He is truly gifted. I honestly do not know how he does it. The fact that he can bring light into his shots is mind-blowing. I wish I had the talent he has. I am so proud of my son,” Tangela said.

Everyday Grimes continues to spark fresh ideas, equipment and techniques to display the sports teams of Florida A&M University. He plans to excel in his profession and capture incredible memories for athletes, fans and students at FAMU.