Peace Corps Prep starts next semester

Photo courtesy: Patrick Fore on Unsplash

The Provost’s Office at Florida A&M recently announced a new collaboration with the Peace Corps available to FAMU students.

FAMU and the Peace Corps have collaborated in the past and the university is one of 11 institutions in this new partnership.

The program will provide FAMU students with the necessary skills and experience to participate in the Peace Corps or a myriad of other international non-profit jobs and opportunities. Starting next spring, students can participate in Peace Corps Prep, an interdisciplinary certificate program held through the Office of International Education.

In a press release from the Provost’s Office, Peace Corps director of University Programs La’Teashia Sykes said, “Peace Corps Prep is an opportunity for undergraduate students to develop competencies that will fortify their aspirations to serve abroad.”

Through Peace Corp Prep’s rigorous hands-on curriculum students are able to learn more about intercultural competency, public service, foreign affairs and career preparedness. The program also provides exposure on a different level.

With opportunities for informal round table discussions and panels with diplomats, former Peace Corps members and other leaders worldwide, students at FAMU are able to absorb information and experiences first hand.

The Peace Corps Prep website is filled with testimonials and stories from students who have successfully completed the program and gone abroad. These students have been able to connect with their heritage, find new friends who become like family, or even just shine some light on new things about themselves.

The Peace Corps can be a transformative experience, and this prep program provides an opportunity to get some exposure prior to graduating – which can transform into bigger opportunities in the future.

Upon completion of the program, students will have a certificate in addition to their diploma certifying their participation in the program and readiness beyond.  Although successfully completing Peace Corps Prep does not guarantee acceptance into an agency volunteer program, simply enrolling in the program makes graduates more competitive during the selection process, as well as in other careers.

While the Peace Corps Prep program is open to any and all students, Aleksandra Benedict, FAMU’s education abroad coordinator, urges students with a passion for international relations and nonprofit work to take advantage of the program.

“If you would like to work for a [non-governmental organization] or international nonprofits I hope you consider this great opportunity and I hope to speak with you soon,” she said.

For students interested in enrolling, contact the Office of International Education, visit their website or feel free to visit their office in Perry-Paige, Room 302.