Students assess the return to in-person classes

FAMU’s illustrious campus. Photo courtesy: Google images

Students at Florida A&M University have faced the challenge of making their way back to campus for in-person classes this semester.

Students who were home rolling over in bed to get on a Zoom session a semester ago now have to make sure that they keep their priorities in check by getting up in a timely fashion to get to class on time.

Marques Cutler, an interdisciplinary studies major from Port St. Joe, said that being back in person has helped him in many ways — especially as far as his grades.

“My grades have been significantly better now that I have had a physical connection with my teachers,” Cutler said. “I prefer a combination of both online and in-person classes, but in person classes aren’t too bad because I like going to class.”

The students who were interviewed for this story all agreed that they hope classes continue to stay in-person for next semester, but many said they wouldn’t be surprised if FAMU decides to take students back to remote instruction.

Jonathan Camil, a psychology major from Miami, said that he has had to adjust to waking up in time to get up and get dressed and make it to class on time.

“I was accustomed to being home.” Camil said. “I prefer online class better because I’m a visual learner and it gave me more flexibility so that I could be in class and at work at the same time.”

Keenan Perkins, a biology major from Jacksonville, agreed that he liked being back in person because as a transfer student he could finally feel the school spirit.

“Being back in person has a lot of pros and cons,” Perkins said. “Pros-wise I was so fortunate to join an organization known as Progressive Black Men Inc., but on the other hand, having classes all over campus and walking up hills isn’t for the weak.”

Students on FAMU’s campus have had mixed emotions about whether or not classes should be kept in person for next semester.

Now that everyone has had time to adjust to being back on campus, hopefully everyone will use this semester as a learning opportunity to see what works for them and what doesn’t.

All students agreed that you should figure out a schedule that works best for you and use it to the best of your ability to chase greatness, in person.