Vanterpool keeps it Lowkey on campus

FAMU students keeping it Lowkey. Photo courtesy: Vanterpool

Many students walk around  Florida A&M’s campus wearing their natural crown. But how do they keep their crown secure at night and ready for the next day?

Third-year engineering student Khaysaun Vanterpool came up with a solution by designing a natural hair protector for students while they sleep. He is the founder of Lowkey VI, which is a durag and bonnet online business.

Vanterpool is from St. Thomas, which is why he indicated it in his brand’s name – VI, for Virgin Islands.

Vanterpool wanted to be different in the clothing business, and wanted to design and sell head gear instead of actual clothing.

“It’s popular to start a clothing business based on shirts, pants or hats, but I wanted to do something different,” Vanterpool said. “I wanted to get out of the mix of doing what I see on daily, and pursue Lowkey VI as a headgear business to be my prime highlight.”

Photo courtesy: Vanterpool

Lowkey VI has been in business since February, and is growing each day. Vanterpool promotes his business on the Instagram page for the business, @low.keyvi.

Vanterpool designed his logo, and also has a great source for the production of his silk material. His cousin, who lives in Miami, owns a clothing production factory where he also manufactures clothes for other businesses. It was natural for Vanterpool to fall into this field.

Vanterpool has a loyal set of customers who have been promoting his business through modeling and proudly wearing their gear every night. He also has a growing audience among the Florida and St. Thomas areas. His business is being networked in the Caribbean and in America, so that is also a great business move for Lowkey VI.

“There are new stuff that will be coming soon, other than durags and bonnets because I do want to upgrade but keep my business based on how I started,”  Vanterpool said. “Lowkey is a reminder to manifest your pure potentiality as well as your intentions and any type of desire that you seem to seek out.”

Kiarra Scott, a sociology major at FAMU, is one of Vanterpool’s loyal customers who religiously wears his bonnets for a good night’s rest.

“I really love Lowkey VI and the product’s quality,” Scott said. “I have the bonnet, and I was very impressed by the quality. Very silky and smooth with a double layer which is very helpful for 4C hair. Hands down the best bonnet that I own, and I wear it every night!”

Photo courtesy: Vanterpool

Another student, Shaquan Frederick, who is a musician and artist, has been friends with Vanterpool since they were kids. He’s been in full support of Lowkey VI, and lives by the brand’s motto: “To manifest your true potential.”

“I bought his durag not too long ago and I have to say it’s pretty comfortable, stylish, and honestly you can flex it on a regular,” Frederick said. “Honestly I have high hopes that Lowkey VI is on the come up to being a well-known brand that everyone will know soon.”

For more on Lowkey VI, visit the Instagram page: @low.keyvi, where you can DM to place an order.