Daniels develops her brand

FAMU sophomore physical therapy student Jasmine Daniels. Photo courtesy Daniels

Balancing school and a business can be hard. For sophomore physical therapy major Jasmine Daniels, running a business came naturally. Daniels is a Tampa native who now resides in Tallahassee, where she runs a press-on nail business.

Daniels has been intrigued with the art of nail enhancements since elementary school, but being a full-time athlete, she could never wear them. Before coming to college, Daniels decided to start selling clothing for young women. When that didn’t work, she rebranded and began selling press on nails.

These nails aren’t your typical drug store press-on. Daniels customizes each set of nails for all her customers. The nails vary in size, shape, length and complexity. Daniels prides herself on the uniqueness of her business.

“Before starting First Impression Nails, there were not many options for press-on nails,” Daniels said. “I knew there were a lot of people like me who either didn’t have the option to get their nails done because of sports or chose not to because of how long it takes.”

On average, Daniels spends 90 minutes working on each set of nails. After designing them, they are packed in a gold mesh bag and topped with a loyalty card for future purchases. In her spare time, Daniels also takes custom orders online. She has distributed nationwide, with one set of nails shipped to Hawaii.

Most clients return for new sets every other month. Long-time client Tori White says she loves the versatility of press-on.
“I don’t like keeping the same nail design for long; that’s why I love press-ons,” White said. “Jasmine always provides quality press-ons so I can keep a few in rotation at one time, and they’re so affordable.”

Most press-on nails cost $40, but prices vary depending on complexity and length. Daniels tries to keep costs as low as possible because most of her clientele are college students. In the future, Daniels hopes to sell her nails in a storefront and eventually in stores across the country.

For now, Daniels will continue to serve her local community and her online customer base. Daniels’ long-time friend, Valeria Flores, says she is excited about the continued growth of the business.

“I was there when Jasmine was struggling,” Flores said. “I am super proud of how far she has come, and I cannot wait to see her product in stores one day. I am manifesting that for her.”