Review: Chile & Chili’s food truck overrated

Meal served at Chile & Chili’s. Photo courtesy: Maeve Francois

Chile & Chili’s is a nice little food truck that has been around since 2018. After hearing nothing but good reviews of Chile & Chili’s I decided to check it out. Alas, it didn’t quite meet my expectations.

The food truck is located on West Tennessee Street west of Capital Circle.

It features a large red tent that covers both the truck and a small area where you can sit and enjoy your food. My friends and I decided to sit down and eat our food on one of their benches.

Although I did expect some type of entertainment, I was more concerned with the quality of the food, which was prepared in a short amount of time. They didn’t have many drink options, leaving us to choose from Sprite and Coca-Cola, so we went next door to the gas station.

The workers there didn’t know much about the history of the establishment. I asked the guy who took our order how long the restaurant had been open and he truthfully answered that he didn’t know.

The menu didn’t have many choices but there were a few dishes I hadn’t heard of. After reviewing my choices, I decided to order a few different things. I ordered two birria tacos along with the consume, a barbacoa beef taco, shrimp quesadillas and an order of chicken flautas.

To begin with, we were given two complimentary sauces, a special green sauce and a special red sauce. The red sauce I highly recommend — but stay away from it if you are not a fan of spices, it felt as if I had eaten a fresh jalapeno. I mistakenly put the red sauce on my quesadillas which I immediately had to take off. I had tasted only a bit of the special green sauce, which also wasn’t too flavorful.

The shrimp quesadillas were filled with mozzarella, queso and fried onion. I’m not sure if they had filled the quesadilla with so much cheese that they couldn’t fit the onions, but there were onions on the side as well and it tasted like I was eating a plain quesadilla filled with nothing but cheese.

The birria taco and barbacoa beef tacos both tasted OK. They were topped with onion, cilantro, cheese and lettuce. The meat was cooked well but didn’t have much flavor to it.

Although the birria taco was a bit dry, I used the consommé to help balance that out and added some lime to both tacos, which I think helped.

The chicken flautas were my favorite part of the meal. It is a fried tortilla roll filled with crispy fried chicken served with lettuce, fresh cheese and sour cream. The roll and the outside of the chicken were a bit crunchy, but it didn’t have a burnt taste to it. In fact, the chicken was very well cooked and seasoned on the inside.

Aside from the mediocre quesadillas and tacos, I was somewhat satisfied mainly because of the chicken flautas. The pricing was cheap, as I spent less than $25 for all that food.

Although the location is quite convenient, I’m not sure if I will be visiting Chile & Chili’s again.