Some not returning for next year’s homecoming

John Jackson III, FAMU senior. Photo courtesy: Jackson

Florida A&M University’s “epic return” homecoming brought thousands to Tallahassee the week of Oct. 24-31.

Although it was a highly anticipated and well attended event as Rattlers near and far came together to celebrate and honor FAMU, some seniors and alumni do not plan on returning for next year’s celebration.

John Jackson III, Ar’monie Mack and Sierra Beard each said there are many reasons why they do not plan on attending next year’s homecoming at FAMU.

Jackson, a senior business administration major from Atlanta, said although he has lasting memories from FAMU’s homecoming, he’s now focused on finishing his courses and moving on to his career.

“College is notorious for being the finest four years of your life, with memories that last a lifetime, but I am ready to begin the next chapter of my life and become someone I have worked incredibly hard to become,” he said. “Although this celebration was one to remember forever, some seniors and alumni are not returning to homecoming next year.”

Ar’monie Mack, FAMU alumna. Photo courtesy: Mack

Mack, a FAMU alumna, said homecoming is an alumna/student association luxury. She believes it’s certain accolades she desires to obtain and accomplish before experiencing that sense of “I’m home” feeling.

“We stress the importance of how FAMU is truly something to brag about but when people hear my name in the future I would want my university to be proud to have had me as an alumna,” Mack said. “No accomplishment is too little.”

Mack said that as a FAMU grad she wants to be able to represent all FAMU has instilled in her during undergrad so that others can see why she goes hard for her university.

“Personally, now it’s truly time to go out into the world and show others why I brag so hard on my university and all they’ve instilled in me,” she said.

Sierra Beard, FAMU alunma. Photo courtesy: Beard

Beard is an alum as well as a graduate student at the University of Georgia. While she was satisfied by her homecoming experience, she doesn’t feel too sure about returning next year for another celebration.

“My experience was satisfactory, ” Beard said. “Although I did have fun, I don’t know if homecoming next year will be on my 2022 to-do list.”

Beard said she expected to see a bit more at this year’s event. She said she was looking for something different than what she experienced during her time at FAMU.

“For me to come back, I would have to see something different,” Beard said.

Although the three have their individual reasons as to why they may not be returning to campus next, the insisted that their love for FAMU will never fade away.