Freshmen say homecoming exceeded expectations

FAMU freshman Tiffany Wangui. Photo courtesy: Wangui

Florida A&M’s  “epic return” homecoming 2021 ended on Sunday.  There were events throughout the past week such as Market Monday, Housing Step Show, Comedy Show, Homecoming Concert and many more.

For many students, this was their first time experiencing homecoming due to the coronavirus outbreak in 2020 and new Rattlers on the hill. Expectations on what FAMU homecoming is all about were at an all-time high.

Freshman environmental sciences student Valerie Harrigan was eager to take part in  her first homecoming.

“My expectations were definitely met,” Harrigan said. “I was introduced to so many alumni that I can make lifelong connections with. I want to thank FAMU for having these events that are entertaining yet also critical for students to network.”

Harrigan said  she had an amazing time speaking with graduates. She attended the ribbon-cutting ceremony for the new Will Packer Performing Arts Amphitheater, and said it was a special event.

“I didn’t believe my eyes when I saw the tons of people waiting for Will Packer  and Kevin Hart,” she said. “One thing about our school, we come out and show our school spirit.”

Some compare FAMU’s homecoming to an HBCU version of New York Fashion Week. Many students put on their best to impress when going to these events. Freshman Tiffany Wangui says FAMU made a statement with this week’s wardrobe.

“I was mostly excited about dressing up and looking my absolute best,” she said. “But my expectations for the different fashion styles from other individuals were high. But, everyone was in their best outfits and I loved it.”

One of the events featured in the FAMU homecoming lineup was a Fashion Show in the Lawson Center. Images Modeling Troupe and FACES Modeling Troupe both performed. They slayed the runway with fashion looks that everyone applauded for.

“Many people don’t have the courage to set foot on the runway to showcase their own personal style,” Wangui said. “On the highest of seven hills in Tallahassee, when homecoming comes around,  everyone really builds confidence to pull an epic outfit off.”

With a week of entertainment and connections taking place on campus, there were people traveling from far and near for homecoming’s return at FAMU. School officials recommended students to wear a face mask to all events and follow Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines. FAMU also encouraged students to get tested throughout the week of festivities.