Expand your music taste

A collection of vinyl records with old and current time music projects. Photo courtesy: Mick Haupt

There are many music genres which serve a purpose of catering only to specific audiences. Taking time to broaden the musical palette is essential when looking for creative expressions other artists have to offer.

Music is not just something you listen to. It creates and alters emotions that all musicians deliver differently. The way a song can be categorized is by a combination of its lyrical and technical content. Those components are what gives it a title, but how it makes you feel is what makes it amazing.

Genres give birth to other genres, creating a family tree of music. Unconventional music genres like glitch hop, folktronica and German reggae, all come from the fusion of other musical categories.

For example, many people are not familiar with Nintendocore. This genre is a combination of rock and chip music, using distinctive computer, video game and arcade sounds. One of the first indie-rockers  to ever cover a video game theme song was Autoclave, inspired by the arcade game “Paperboy.”

In today’s society, streaming platforms have taken over, but there are still alternative stores that allow access to these unconventional sounds that are less likely to be streamed. Retrofit Records, located in the heart of Tallahassee, offers a wide range of vinyl records.

It’s one thing to purchase record players and old discs as an aesthetic, but to actually listen to the tunes and see what feelings they stimulate is another.

Ranard Dornes, a musician under the name “Slide Good Kid,” highlighted the importance of what it means to truly be a music connoisseur.

“You can tell the difference between someone who really loves and studies music versus someone who doesn’t,” Dornes said. “Most of the time if an artist listens to only one type of genre, they tend to put themselves in a box and limit their creative abilities.”

According to a 2018 study conducted by Statista Research Department, a data collecting company, country music is the third most popular genre in the United States. Even with the numbers increasing since the COVID-19 pandemic, country music is still not popular in the African-American community.

In fact, hundreds of Black people have contributed tremendously to the creation and growth of the genre. Not many people are aware of the Black roots within it due to the lack of recognition. If the myth that “Black people and country music do not mix” is debunked, it will open up the doors to a larger audience. Consumers are also more likely to stream music that they understand, not knowing that other melodies out there are just as relatable as their current favorites.

“Magic is just science that we don’t understand yet, and I feel like the same applies to music,” artists James Simpo said. “The more you don’t understand it, the more magical it should feel.”

This gift that floods our brain with dopamine has a huge impact on the world. One way in which a person can really understand the balance between their musical likes and dislikes, is to step outside their comfort zone to identify various art styles.

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