Church hosts annual fall festival

Luis Angles and his family at the festival. Photo courtesy: Gabrielle Johnson

Fall has arrived, and that means the weather is cooler, the leaves are slowly turning pale as the season progresses. What better way to enjoy some quality family time playing and making memories together?

Gray Memorial United Methodist hosted a free pumpkin patch from 1 – 5 p.m. Sunday full of festivities.  It included a bounce house, a balloon artist, craft vendors and baked goods.

Pastor Beth Demme invited the community to come out, seek your favorite pumpkins, enjoy a meal and participate in the festivities.

“We have our pumpkin patch usually the whole month of October, but the fall festival is just us saying to the community we want to create time and space for you to have fun,” Demme said. “Any money that we raise goes to support the missions of the United Methodist Church but also to support the Second Harvest of the Big Bend.”

It’s understandable that the fall celebrations look a bit different this year, but there are still plenty of ways to celebrate, from pumpkin patches to fall festivals.

Gray Memorial United Methodist Church encouraged COVID-19-safe protocols, including wearing masks and at least six-feet social distancing.

Luis Angles, a Tallahassee native, said event brought his family so much joy on a relaxing Sunday.

“It’s nice to be out with the family, and it’s a nice time to bring the kids out,” Angles said. “It’s enjoyable, especially with my daughter.”

Angles found the event through a Facebook post.

“Thank you to this church for what they’re doing for the community,” Angles said.

Kate Wilson, a member of United Methodist Church, loves bringing her family to the fall festivities hosted by the church.

“We couldn’t miss this year’s fall festival,” Wilson said. “My son and I have been a member of this church for three years; they’ve been nothing but a blessing to our lives.”

According to Gray Memorial UMC, the church was founded in late 1965 by a small group of faithful from Trinity UMC in downtown Tallahassee who wanted to provide a location for Christians to meet in northwest Tallahassee. Gray Memorial is named for the Rev. William J. Gray, an itinerant “circuit rider” who established the most Methodist churches in North Florida in the late 1800s.

1966 marked the completion and occupation of the first building on the property.

It doesn’t always have to be spooky on Halloween, and many here enjoy the onset of autumn. For more information on  future events, visit