Review: FAMU alum offers a tropical twist

Head Chef Sam Burgess at Pineappetit
Photo courtesy: @chef_sam06 on Instagram

Have you ever craved tropical cuisine, but the islands are way too far away? Well, look no further, Pineappetit will provide the fix you need.

Pineappetit is a new Black-owned restaurant on West Pensacola Street that has brought a new menu to the capital city.

When you walk into the restaurant, you are instantly greeted with flavorful smells, bright decor, and warm smiles from the staff and customers.

There are numerous options to choose from on the menu that will catch your eye, from dishes with salmon, chicken, shrimp and their famous pineapple bowls filled with whatever your appetite desires.

The restaurant provides a fun spin on food, with an ambiance that is equally up to par.

Chef Sam Burgess, owner of Pineappetit and a FAMU alum, started the island-inspired restaurant as a food truck and catering business, then opened the first restaurant in April of this year.

Burgess has ventured into all aspects of the food business, he also created his own cookbook, “Legendary Classics, remixed for the Masses” filled with delicious Southern and Caribbean dishes and recipes.

The restaurant believes that everyone deserves a tropical getaway occasionally, and creates their food with the motto “fun, fresh, food.”

Head Chef Sam Burgess at Pineappetit
Photo courtesy: @chef_sam06 on Instagram

The service is astounding. The waiters and cashiers are friendly and helpful when it comes to choosing what meal is right for you.

The first bite of the pineapple bowl sliced in half and hallowed out, filled with cilantro lime rice, shrimp, pineapple-mango salsa, and topped with sweet and sour sauce released a burst of taste buds I never knew existed.

The menu doesn’t do the food any justice when it comes to the experience of the food. After this tropical meal, you might even forget that you’re in Tallahassee and on an island instead.

The prices at Pineappetit are reasonable and affordable for lunch or dinner. However, the portions could be slightly larger considering you only receive half of the bowl filled with food.

The meals range from $4 to $22, but the versatility of the menu gives customers options to choose from with vegetarian alternatives as well.

The chicken, steak and shrimp pineapple bowls are the dishes customers rave about and continue to come back for.

If you’re looking for a delightful zesty meal, Pineappetit will exceed your standards and add to your list of local favorites.

Pineappetit is located at 2037 West Pensacola St.; hours vary from 11:30 a.m. to 9 p.m. throughout the week.