Students fueled with Tallahassee gasoline price increase

Photo Courtesy: WTXL

The price of gas in Tallahassee has been continuing to rise and students are not pleased. Several gas stations in Leon County have an inflated price of $3.15 per gallon or more.

According to Tallahassee Reports, Leon County’s gas prices went up 45.6% over the last 12 months since June of 2021. The price of a gallon of regular gas as of June 19 was $2.97, compared to the $2.04 per gallon reported one year ago.

Rising crude oil prices are causing the price increase, making it more expensive to produce gas, according to the American Automobile Association (AAA).

“Demand is rebounding faster than crude oil production is coming back, so that’s driving prices at the pump,” said Mark Jenkins, a spokesman for AAA, to reporters in West Palm Beach.

As students travel to and from, the growing gas prices can be a disadvantage. First-year graduate student Bethany Noel said the gas price increase is “something different,” with gas being more expensive than ever before nationwide.

“The price increase is starting to look like a couple of people’s GPAs,” Noel said. “I would like for it to go down or at least be subsidized. I miss the good old days when it would look like someone’s unwanted GPA.”

Many local gas stations have increased their gas prices. Shell on Monroe Street has regular gas at $3.14 per gallon, Murphy USA Gas station on Apalachee Parkway has regular gas at $3.16 per gallon and Sunoco on West Gaines Street has regular gas for $3.19.

Freshman out-of-state student Asia Armor said the gas increase is absurd.

“The increase in gas is really ridiculous and some people may not have enough money to put gas in their car,” Armor says.

Deja Cook, a student from Madeira Beach, said the new gas prices caught her off guard.

“At first, the gas prices up here were not that bad, like compared to at home, the gas prices were cheaper,” Cook said. “Down south, the prices just kept rising.”

Gas stations like Shell offer a Fuel Rewards Program that allows for members to get rewarded for every fill at Shell. Members are eligible to receive five cents off when filling up. Cook is a member of Shell’s Fuel Rewards Program.

“I go to Shell so I get a little reward and I get five cents off… $2.95 or $2.90 is not bad for gas at this moment,” Cook said.

Cook explained that she prolonged getting gas due to the new prices and said it will be a while before she fills up her tank again.