A week devoted to transfer students

Picture of TSA members
Photo credit : Izzy Young

It’s the third week in October, which means it’s National Transfer Student Week.

“This week is meant to challenge assumptions, build empathy, and instill transfer pride on campuses nationwide,” according to the website for national transfer student week.

For FAMU, Tuesday was day two of this jam-packed week for transfer students.

The Transfer Student Association held its first “Poetry in PJs” event, dedicating it to bringing awareness to Rattlers’ mental health.

The event was relaxing, allowing transfer students to mingle and choose a method of their choice that will help them de-stress. The options included an open invitation spoken word, yoga and a meditation station. There was also a mental health check-in table and two craft areas for the students to create a career goals vision board and DIY terrarium.

Vice president of the Transfer Student Association, Shantress Allen, said it was a great feeling to see her event come to life Tuesday night. As a transfer student, she knows exactly how it feels to be new on campus.

“I feel like this event is great for the transfer students,” Allen said. “I know how hard it is to balance not only school but your mental health. It can get unintentionally stressful being in a brand-new environment.”

Things got started with a few ice breakers to shake the nerves, and as the vibes continued to increase, so did the amount of fun.

TSA co-adviser Keawin Sarjeant appreciated how the TSA made the effort to make the event successful.

“It was great to see all of the students come out and participate in this mental health awareness event,” Sarjeant said. “It’s midterms week and I feel like this is exactly what students needed.”

Sarjeant said he enjoyed seeing the students mingling and creating new connections. It was even a better feeling knowing that this student-organized event was a complete success.

Everyone was able to relax in different ways. From playing cards, sitting personal poetry pieces, creating vision boards, and eventually winding down with the comedy movie, “Major Payne.”

It’s safe to say that the night went well and served its purpose. You could feel the warming energy in the air. It was truly a night to remember.

National Transfer Student Week continues through Friday.