FAMU’s student section goes viral

Photo courtesy: @famufb Instagram page

Florida A&M University has repeatedly been in the limelight lately, and for all of the right reasons. One of those is the university’s exuberant student section at home football games.

On Wednesday, Oct. 5, at 7:19 p.m., notable Fort Myers rapper Plies tweeted, “I wanna watch one FAMU football game in the student section this year!!!!.”

The rapper’s claim was supported by the following tweet of a “Top 20 Best/Worst Student Sections” ranking chart.

FAMU ranked No. 20 on the list of the best student sections in the nation, while Florida State ranked No. 6 worst student section. Despite being the final university on the list, FAMU was the only HBCU listed in either category.

The chart, created by @BigGameBoomer, a social media college football analyst, was reposted by the rapper. Rankings are posted weekly and are subject to change.

Meanwhile, the Rattlers are confident that the university’s student section will remain No. 1 in their hearts as they welcome Plies — with open arms —into their nest.

Rashaad Cohen, a first-year computer engineering major, believes the Florida rapper should make an appearance at FAMU’s homecoming game a week from Saturday. “If he wants the best experience of how FAMU is, he should actually come. I think we have the most consistent student section; it’s only right that he shows up for the No. 1 HBCU.”

At the home game against South Carolina State on Oct. 9, students were decked out in pink in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

“The crowd seemed excited about the game; the entire student section, fans, spectators, everyone was showing school pride and pinked out for breast cancer month,” said Shaniyah Bradley, a first-year pharmacy student.

In addition to the participation of attendees wearing pink attire, the game’s atmosphere was further animated due to the student section.

“The energy was amazing, and everyone was hype,” graduating senior Malila Pool said. “Sitting in the student section makes me proud to be a FAMU student, I’m certainly going to miss this.”

Students are looking forward to seeing eye-popping figures at “An Epic Return” themed homecoming.

“I definitely think we will be seeing some celebrities at the next game,” Pool said.

There’s no doubt that Rattlers may see Plies and other celebrities in attendance at FAMU’s homecoming game against Grambling State University. The real burning question is: Who will they see?