Set Friday switching locations

Students enjoying the first set Friday at the amphitheater. Photo courtesy of @streetnoize Instagram page

Set Friday is a rich historical event that originated years ago that is known for its astonishing atmosphere for students, greek life and vendors. In the beginning of the semester, it was announced that there would only be one Set Friday for the year. As COVID-19 cases continue to rise in Tallahassee, the health department announced that it would be safer to do so to keep everyone protected.

Students believed that it was only right to get back to the weekly tradition that gave them the time to loosen up from a long school week and have a good time. Therefore, the reaction from the students after hearing about the cancellation was not a good one.

Set Friday made a return after its long hiatus and began being held at the new amphitheater where there is enough space that can now allow students to remain six feet apart while still being entertained amid COVID-19.

Students expressed their thoughts on having Set Friday in the amphitheater.

Tyrese Coleman, a third year psychology major, gave his thoughts on if he thinks Florida A&M University’s culture will be affected.

“As a junior, I’ve gotten the time to experience the set and I don’t think the culture of Set Friday is going to be affected because Set Friday is only switching locations,” said Coleman. “It’ll always be here but I think it’s a good idea to have Set Friday’s at the amphitheater. The amphitheater is a much bigger space where everyone can feel safe while still enjoying the festivities.”

Twitter user @_knicolem_ made a tweet in regards to Set Friday switching locations.

“I personally think the amphitheater was a great idea. FAMU is growing and ultimately the set cannot fit all them people,” The tweet read. “Like with the amphitheater, everyone can see/hear. The set is great for regular set fridays (for now), but big events, like hoco set friday, the amphitheater is definitely an asset.”

This past Friday, Parents & Family Weekend and the Greek Yard step show was held at the amphitheater where students were able to experience Set Friday again or even for the first time.

“I didn’t get to experience the set where it originated but I’m just thankful that I even got the chance to attend. I think it’s safer because we’re not all over each other,” said Kelani Rodgers, a first-year health science major.

Having Set Friday’s at the amphitheater may not be what many may agree with but it is a great way to continue FAMU’s tradition while still following the COVID-19 guidelines to keep the students out of harm’s way.