Lush Cosmetics comes to town for the holidays

Lush Cosmetics official logo. Photo Courtesy:

Lush Cosmetics opened a pop-up shop in Governor’s Square Mall this month. The store promotes itself as a bath, skin, body and hair care company on its website with a mission to create handmade, low-waste, cruelty-free and vegetarian products.

Open locally until Jan. 15, Lush announced the theme of the pop-up store will be “snow-fairy inspired” on its official Facebook account.

Elisa Torres, Lush’s director of retail, said she has high hopes for the Tallahassee store.

“We are so excited to be coming to Tallahassee with a three-month-long pop-up,” Torres said. “The last 22 months have been challenging for all of us, and we’re looking forward to connecting with more of our customers and offering them the chance to enjoy Lush in person. Our Governor’s Square store hopes to spark the festive joy everyone deserves this holiday season. We’ve designed the space with the customer experience in mind and can’t wait for the Tallahassee community to enjoy our Halloween and Christmas ranges, whether treating themselves or others.”

Some items for sale at Lush in Governor’s Square Mall. Photo courtesy: Tashai Smalls

Some residents said they have never heard of Lush and are excited to try some of its products for the first time.

“I’ve lived in Tallahassee my whole life and I have never seen a store like this,” said Jordin Bennett, a local shopper at Governor’s Square Mall. “I walked in and fell in love immediately. There is so much variety that I am in awe of. I will be back later in the year to buy my mom some items for Christmas. They made a great choice bringing this store to Tallahassee. I hope they are here to stay.”

The closest Lush store is in Destin, which is about a more than a two-hour drive from Tallahassee.

“We need a permanent Lush in Tallahassee!” said Facebook user Mel Lasscat. “I need to place an order now. But it would be so much easier if I could just stop by the store for what I need.”

A current product at Lush being promoted by the company. Photo courtesy: lushcosmetics on Instagram

Lush is now hiring seasonal sales ambassadors for the holiday season. The ambassador’s contract will be active through January. Workers at the store will receive a 50% discount on all Lush products sold at the store.

The pop-up store will be located on the second level of the mall, above the food court next to Victoria Secrets.

The company will also have pop-up stores in Cordova Mall in Pensacola and The Oaks Mall in Gainesville.

Those interested in Lush Cosmetics can follow it on Facebook at Lush Cosmetics North America or Instagram @lushcosmetics. Online shoppers can buy products at