Spirit Halloween store relocates

The new Spirit Halloween store is in Village Square. Photo courtesy: Maeve Francois

As we approach Halloween, those who are looking for Halloween costumes and would like options beyond Party City can turn to the Spirit Halloween store in Village Square in northeast Tallahassee.

The former SteinMart building was recently turned into Spirit Halloween shortly after the company closed a Spirit Halloween store on Apalachee Parkway.

As the annual holiday approaches, news of the new store hasn’t made its way to many students across town. In fact, the Village Square store is just one of the many stores that students do not know about.

One student who looks forward to Halloween because of her costume traditions was happy to hear about Spirit Halloween. Upon hearing the news, second year pre-nursing major Nayelie Talleyrand said she was looking forward to more options for Halloween costumes.

“I know a lot of people who don’t really care for Halloween, but I do so I can’t wait to make it over to that side of town,” Talleyrand said. “I personally dress up every year and Party City seems to have run out of cute costumes, so I need a new store with new options.”

Spirit Halloween’s competitor, Party City, which has been around for years, has one big advantage— its location is more accessible to college students as it is right off Apalachee Parkway just minutes away from both campuses.

Another student who lives on campus said she most likely will never see that side of town as he is a first-year student with no means of transportation. He said he’ll patronize Party  City because of its nearby location.

“I have never even heard of Village Square or been to that side of town,” psychology major Chris Watkins said. “I’m pretty sure it would be pretty expensive for a Lyft or Uber to that side because an Uber to the mall cost about $20. So yeah, I’d rather just continue going to Party City.”

But what students don’t know is they may not have to come in to find a costume. The store also has an online site and it features an ongoing sale for free shipping on orders over $40.

Like a hidden gem, the store will soon make its way to the forefront. As we enter the Halloween season, Spirit is getting ready with a big “open now” sign on the building and 25% off in-store sale.