HempLade Vegan Cafe comes to life in Frenchtown

Mac & cheese with Sauteed onions and mushrooms, quinoa topped with HempLade’s BBQ and ginger chicken. Photo courtesy Instagram: Hempladevegancafe

Next time you are hungry and need healthy food, head over to HempLade Vegan Café.

Yudah Weh and his wife Narsha Cummings are the owners of Hemplade Vegan Café, which started as a tea brand in 2012. Hemplade is the first Black-owned hemp vegan café in North Florida.

“I was making drinks and I went ahead and branded that name from a tea which is the first hemp tea in Florida,” Weh said. “My queen and I decided to open up Hemplade Vegan Café in 2019.”

The main goal of their business is to deliver quality plant-based foods to the community, from herbal remedies to delicious pizzas. They also provide:

  • Sea moss drinks.
  • Hemp smoothies.
  • Natural green juices.
  • Ginger shots.
  • Their popular CBD products.
  • The HempLade line of teas.
  • Burgers
  • Pasta
  • Plant-based groceries

“We prepare vegan, plant-based foods that deal with on a holistic health which is very nourishing to the brain, to the mind and overall system,” Cummings said. “Our customers not only experience great food, but they’ve seen positive changes within their health as well.”

At HempLade Vegan Cafe, the highly attentive staff exhibits a gracious attitude.

Miami native Sadiki Isaac has been an employee since the very beginning.

“My experience has been good working here; it is always good when there’s that connection around family,” Isaac said. “You know it’s been really good just to be able to grow, be a part of the progress, and being a part of history.”

Mariah Londrea, a frequent customer, raves about the food and customer service. In months after seeing the sign, she discovered their Instagram account and immediately followed. Once the store opened, she went within a week.

“The owner-chefs are so chill and full of knowledge, they prepare everything in house, made fresh,” Londrea said. “So much variety. It’s top-of-the-line health food.

Everything is hemp and CBD infused. They give lots of samples to new comers. I tell you, I left that place feeling so full.”

Londrea said that she will  be a customer as long as she is in Tallahassee.

Hemplade Vegan Cafe is located in Frenchtown near near the original Lincoln School. It is committed to serving up some of the best vegan items in Tallahassee. Getting healthy meals delivered is much easier than cooking at home, and you can still enjoy them in the comfort of your own home.