Review: Casa Grande satisfies

Casa Grande’s Quesa-Birria. Photo Courtesy: Maeve Francois

If you’re looking for a new Mexican eatery to satisfy your ‘Taco Tuesday’ needs, make sure to keep Casa Grande as an option. The restaurant is a perfect blend of modern-upscale while still maintaining a traditional Mexican touch and flavor.

The relaxed setting allows you to listen to good music, sometimes featuring live performances, all while enjoying Mexican cuisine. It is located in Capital Plaza, which is on Thomasville Road in Midtown.

The owners, Claudia Oseguera and Genaro Ramirez, met in Mexico while in kindergarten and have been good friends ever since. After Ramirez moved to the United States, Oseguera would spend time traveling back and forth visiting him. After falling in love, Oseguera’s visits became permanent, and she moved to the U.S.

They worked as servers for a few years before deciding to open their own place called TACOTOTES in Governor’s Square Mall. It was a more casual take. Shortly after they decided to expand beyond Governor’s Square.

They first started off with Casa Grande on Apalachee Parkway ,which is a more casual version of their Midtown location. When approaching their 10-year anniversary for the first location, they decided they were ready to take on more and expand to a new location with a new feel. The building was originally a Beef O’ Brady’s.

I recently dined at the lively Mexican restaurant with a close friend. Although they had a full house, parking was easy to find and there was no wait to be seated.

Not too long after being seated we were given complimentary nachos with an individual salsa dish for each guest. It was very satisfying.

The prices are  reasonable, especially for the quality and quantity of food. The two most expensive items on the menu are a part of the C|G Specialities; A 12-ounce rib-eye steak and a Molcajete, which is a famous Mexican dish containing various types of meat.

Although the meals were pretty filling, I made sure to have a taste of each category of dish. For appetizers, I ordered the Nacho Grande, which was loaded nachos topped with chicken, guacamole, pico de gallo, sour cream and melted cheese. Although it was a lot of food for $15, I do wish that the chicken would have been drained because it caused everything under it to become soggy which resulted in me not finishing the dish.

While I wasn’t too pleased with the first course, I did like that I did not have to wait too long before my entrée came out.

I have never been shy when it comes to trying new foods, especially with Mexican being one of my favorite cuisines, so I decided to try several entrees.

For my first entrée, I ordered the Quesa-Birria, which is supposed to be quesadillas made with birria meat but is more in the shape of a large sized taco. The quesadillas were served with Mexican rice and consommé, which was worth the $14.

Although the rice was a bit unseasoned, I added a bit of lime, which added just the right amount flavor needed. On the side I also ordered a crispy fried chicken taco which was topped with lettuce, avocado, pico de gallo, cheese, and chipotle ranch. The avocado was the perfect touch for the taco.

For dessert, I ordered another famous Mexican dish called Churros. It was a bit crunchy, but the presentation made it very appealing.

I’ll be sure to recommend Casa Grande to any foodies looking for a new taco Tuesday spot. It offers top-tier food, customer service and the overall setting was welcoming. I am looking forward to my next visit to Casa Grande Margaritas and Cocina.