Tastee Turkey Leg a new Black-owned eatery

Sheena Thompson, her mother, and husband, Halford. Photo courtesy: Iyana Thompson

Halford and his wife Sheena Thompson recently opened the restaurant Tastee Turkey Leg on Sharer Road. It joins a growing list of Black-owned businesses in Tallahassee.

The menu offers a range of turkey leg recipes as well as  shrimp alfredo, Cajun seafood rice, or macaroni and cheese with collard greens along with special pre-order meal options as well.

The Thompsons, Tallahassee natives, opened this restaurant about two months ago in hopes of broadening the city’s food selection. When asked where the inspiration came from for the menu, name and design of the restaurant, Sheena Thompson provided details.

“I originally was inspired when I was pregnant with my last child,” Thompson said. “I felt the urge to bring something different to Tallahassee, while incorporating my love for art and food. That’s why we allow local artists to sell their art here. I came up with the name, because I wanted to use something catchy that stands out. It took some days to figure out the recipe, but once we got it everything was up and rolling.”

Christian Streat, a new customer recently ate at Tastee Turkey Leg. He said he plans to go back soon.

“I had a great time at Tastee today,” Streat said. “The food was great, the portions are served with extra love, and the cocktail menu is extremely unique. This is exactly what Tallahassee needs.”

Halford isn’t a stranger to the Tallahassee social scene. His credentials include promoting while owning a DJ business and developing other aspiring DJs. He’s also the brother of the former Coliseum owner, Seymour Thompson. With these connections and credentials, the future of Tastee Turkey Leg looks pretty positive. A few upcoming events include a Caribbean music festival on Nov. 6, a family friendly trunk and treat event for Halloween, and more.

Halford has one of those rare souls that simply want to cater to his community and provide excellent customer service.

“Yeah man, most people are profit driven but I aspire to inspire,” he said. “I like to bring people together around good food and good music and plan to do that with the immaculate help from my wife and her creativity. We’re all for our people and providing a great experience.”