A chance to be ‘Fit n Lit’

Calvin Bryant coaching a client during a night boot camp. Photo courtesy: Steve Byrum

FAMU’s homecoming is quickly approaching, and a new way to get prepared for it has arrived. Prepared physically and mentally.

40 Caliber Fitness is offering a month-long homecoming fitness program for all students, current and alumni.

“I know that homecoming is around the corner, and I can say my progress with 40 Caliber has prepared me, ” fourth-year FAMU student Eyona Moore said.

Calvin Bryant, a Jacksonville native and FAMU alum, is CEO of 40 Caliber Fitness. Bryant said there was a reason why he started the upcoming boot camp.

“As an alumni, I Love FAMU,” Bryant said. “They’ve given me a lot of opportunities in my field, and I just want to give back.”

Bryant wants to push his vision of being able to be lit and healthy at the same time.

His vision is coming to life through the “Fit n Lit” homecoming bootcamp.

Bryant says this camp is not just a workout plan — it’s about helping to show the younger generation that fitness is a lifestyle.

The camp is going to require more than physical strength.  It includes instilling discipline and consistency in your everyday life. It challenges not just your body but also your mind.

Moore appreciated her experiences to date. “I’ve been doing [his] boot camps for about a year and a half,” Moore said. “And being with him, fitness truly changed my overall mindset.”

She learned that through the process, it is truly mind over matter. She has become more disciplined, more energetic, and more positive. Fitness has now become personal for her.

The bootcamp eventually becomes something more than just an extracurricular activity. It encourages an individual to make this part of their lifestyle.

FAMU alum Michael Bird vouches for Bryant and explains why the bootcamp is the perfect step to get ready for homecoming.

“I’ve been with 40 since 2019, and I can confidently say that I recommend the ‘Fit n Lit’ homecoming boot camp,” Birdsong said.

Bryant invests in all his clients and goes the extra mile for them, Birdsong said.

FAMU’s homecoming bootcamp officially starts the first week of October. This will give Rattlers a month to get fit so they can be lit. Pricing at $60 a month, Bryant is hosting his camps three days a week: Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

For people who may not want to spend the required price, Bryant also offers a 5-week glute and abs challenge for $10, and a Hulk challenge for male students for $15.

“At 40 Caliber Fitness, we’re all working towards one goal,” Bryant said. “It’s all about getting one percent better every day.

For more information or inquires, contact 40 on his Instagram @40Caliberfitness or reach out on his website.


Instagram: @40Caliberfitness