Home game makes students feel at home again

The first home football game in almost two years may have been just what many students needed. Photo by Skhai Bennett

Students have finally returned to campus after learning from home without the social aspect of school, but campus life appears to be less lively than in previous years.

Without events like Set Friday and pep rallies, how are students expected to embody school spirit?

Then the Rattlers played their first home football game in almost two years.

For upperclassman, simply hearing the Marching 100 play, or smelling the undeniably appetizing food from the vendors, it was enough to stir up nostalgic memories of pre-pandemic years.

Kamari Carter, a fourth year student, enjoyed her experience at the first FAMU home game.

“Going to the home game did remind me of how FAMU used to be before the pandemic. It wasn’t as packed as it usually is. That’s probably due to COVID, but at least FAMU freshmen kept up tradition by wearing the colors,” Carter said.

At the FAMU home game on Sept. 11 against Fort Valley State, FAMU students were asked to wear white. Students, alumni and Florida A&M fans did an impressive job displaying Rattler pride by doing so.

Jamirah Evariste, a first year student, experienced her very first FAMU game and she believes it gave her school spirit a boost.

The first home football game in almost two years may have been just what many students needed. Photo by Skhai Bennett

“I do believe the first home game enhanced my school spirit. Especially with everyone around me in their Rattler gear while cheering on the team. Even though it rained, I was still able to enjoy going to all the different vendors outside the stadium,” Evariste said.

Florida A&M’s games are all about coming together, sportsmanship and Rattler pride. Even the football players are happy about finally being able to showcase their skills on the field.

Yirmyah Yirmyah, a defensive back on the football team, says he certainly felt school spirit at the university’s first home game against Fort Valley State.

“I definitely do feel like home games influence school spirit because it brings the student body out to cheer for their own classmates, and a good win at home definitely brings out school pride in people,” Yirmyah said.

School spirit contributes to the energy on the field and can even influence how the players perform. Athletes take pride in a rivalry game and when the student body supports them, they may feel motivated to secure a win for their school. Rattlers finished their first home game with a 34-7 blowout victory over Fort Valley State, giving students something to “Bragg” about on campus.