Tallahassee needs an Apple store

Apple products. Photo courtesy: Google images

With classes back on campus, homework back in full force and midterms coming up, it seems as if everything in the Tallahassee area is back to normal.

With everything reopening, students are often put in situations where they need certain products to fulfill their school requirements. Most of these products are made by Apple. Nowadays, almost every member of Gen Z has something that is either made by Apple or that relates to Apple.

Apple products tend to crack or break easily. And Apple products aren’t cheap. You would think that the company would produce more durable items for it is loyal customers.

This leads to an observation that most will agree with: Tallahassee needs an official Apple store devoted to providing the full Apple experience. This would not only produce jobs but would also provide local college students with a place to go to receive the best care for their Apple products.

Apple apparently believes that its stores are placed in areas that need them the most. Apple stores provide that enriched customer service experience. Most retail stores focus mainly on making the sell, but Apple usually provides that relationship with the customer.

Having an actual Apple store in town would provide students with another source to go to buy or fix their products.

There are lots of places such as the mall or small businesses that believe they are able to fix Apple products. The downside to that is the person who is fixing the item may not be an Apple genius like the ones that work in  Apple’s stores.

As students we often deal with certain Apple items being sold out quickly. An Apple store would help negate this problem by providing another source for Apple products.

Apple stores are often made with sleek lines and crisp whites that become more revealing to the human eye. With these colors at hand, everyone feels as if they want to buy an Apple product.

Apple is known for its creativeness, smartness and success through its MacBooks and iPhones and iPads.

Thanks to the latest Apple technology, students’ homework, their jobs and even their lives can be made easier because of the power these products have.

There are an estimated 270 Apple stores in the United States. Apple needs to come to Tallahassee to provide for its loyal customers.

It is no secret that everyone loves Apple, especially students, but everyone needs a highly regarded Apple retailer close at hand.