Students living in Towers oppose new dining hours

Inside The Hub dining hall. Photo courtesy: famunews

On Sept. 14, The Hub announced a new change in their hours, closing the dining hall on the weekends. Many students are confused after the announcement and have no choice but to inconveniently walk down to the Residence Dining Hall.

At the start of the fall semester, The Hub was open from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. on weekdays and 10 a.m. to 8:30 p.m. on weekends, providing convenient and accessible opportunities for students to get a meal and utilize their food plans. As the term has progressed, the hours have become more limited making it more difficult for students living in Towers to get meals on campus.

McKenzie Campbell, a resident in Towers South, believes that the sudden change in the hours adds more stress on the students.

“On the weekends, I have to resort to my limited microwavable supply in my mini-fridge,” said Campbell. “Or I have to use my limited flex bucks to walk 18 minutes to the café near Village. If you think about it, my flex bucks aren’t going to last very long with these new hours.”

On Sept. 10, The Hub closed abruptly at 2 p.m., turning away students coming from afternoon classes. They learned shortly after that this closure would be extended into the rest of the weekend. This sudden and unexplained event occurred four days prior to the announcement of the change of hours in The Hub.  The turn of events left students feeling frustrated with the lack of communication.

Kayla Jackson, another resident of Towers South, feels like the hour’s change is a letdown.

“It would be very beneficial for The Hub to change its hours back so it can fit the needs of students and cater to every student’s time schedule,” said Jackson.

Jazmine Pace, a North Towers resident, is enraged at the new change.

“Due to this, I limit myself to one meal a day so I can order food for the day,” said Pace. “It is frustrating considering that I pay thousands of dollars a semester to eat on campus.”

Many workers seem to be as confused as the students about the new change.

“I am not sure why The Hub hours were changed,” said a Metz worker. “The students shouldn’t have to walk down to the Residence Dining Hall to eat on the weekends. It is unfair to them.”

The changes in The Hub’s hours affect many students that live in Towers causing them to make major accommodations. Considering that all students living in Towers must have food plans but have limited resources, hopefully some considerations will be made in the recent hour changes in The Hub.