TCC to FAMU pipeline thriving

Elizabeth James transferred to FAMU from TCC. Photo courtesy: James

Elizabeth James, a biology pre-med major at Florida A&M, started her college career at Tallahassee Community College. This is her first semester at FAMU.

“As a transfer student, from TCC to FAMU, I think that was the best decision I did,” James said. “I was able to work at my own pace, get all the tutoring I could’ve at TCC, and take all of my prerequisites there, so when I transferred, it would be less hectic on my end.”

James is one of hundreds of students who have taken advantage of the relationship between FAMU and TCC. One of 28 schools in the Florida College System, TCC has about 10,125 students enrolled this fall.

According to TCC’s website, the school was named a top 10 community college in the nation by the Aspen Institute.

Students go to TCC to for approximately two years in order to receive their associate’s degree, or go straight to work.

TCC has made the transition  easy for students like James to go on to FAMU, FSU and other members of the Florida State University System.

TCC started a 2+2 program, where students can go from TCC2FAMU, TCC2FSU or TCC2WORK.

TCC2FAMU ensures a seamless transfer experience for students who want to earn an associate’s degree at TCC and then a bachelor’s degree from FAMU.

James was a part of the 2+2 program. She decided to complete her bachelors at FAMU for the remainder of her two years from the program. This is her first semester on the campus.

FAMU has an active transfer student program that provides assistance and oversight to include: recruitment, transfer admissions advising, transfer orientation, curriculum maps, direction for campus resources, priority registration and scholarships for eligible students.

Sheila Martin, a transfer academic success program coordinator, said the program is beneficial for transfer students.

“We take pride in providing academic support and guidance to newly admitted and current transfer students by directing them to appropriate resources and campus services through transfer workshops, the transfer peer mentoring program, Transfer Student Association, Tau Sigma National Honor Society, and other great opportunities within the Transfer Academic Success Program,” Martin said.

Approximately 60 percent of students who transferred to FAMU this semester came from TCC, including James.

Another student, Romell Stone, who is studying chemistry, was also transferred from TCC. HE knew James at TCC.

“I tutored Elizabeth in math while at TCC,” Stone said. “She has come a long way transitioning from TCC to FAMU, and I do believe she will excel while attending this school.”