FAMU YouTubers a valuable recruiting tool

Artwork created by Briasia Russ

Have you ever been on campus and noticed a familiar face? You’ve probably seen them on YouTube. Student content creators document their experience here on the Hill, from vlogs that showcase their life on the Hill to move-in day videos.

Not only does this act as a guide for incoming students, but it also recruits more students to the university. By students presenting their HBCU experience via social media platforms, future students can get an insight of student life on campus without even touring in person.

A popular series from student content creators are “A Week in My Life” videos, which give viewers a glimpse into the daily Rattler experience.

“Ever since I was younger, I’ve always liked watching YouTubers,” said Klarissa Appiah, a second-year criminal justice student. “I have always wanted to start a YouTube channel, but I couldn’t because of where I was, being younger and not having all the materials.”

Appiah documents her experience on her channel “Life of Klarissa.” She said has always enjoyed watching YouTube videos and that when she decided to come to FAMU she was inspired to document her experience for others to see.

“When I came to FAMU I knew it was something I wanted to capture,” Appriah said. “There are other YouTubers on campus that inspired me as well like Bri Anyia, Lyfe as Dani and Ciara Minaj.”

With the campus switching to remote learning during COVID-19, prospective students may not have access to the resources they need for questions to be answered. However, content creators now have the opportunity to help incoming students.

Due to the pandemic, students aren’t able to experience things such as move-in day or orientation as they normally would have the chance to. However, they still get to see what life is like at FAMU, even during the pandemic. This is both beneficial to the university and incoming students by allowing for the student to get a visual of the new adjustments.

Britney Harper, a second-year pre-dentistry student, recently uploaded a video where she reflects on her freshman year on her channel “Britney Harper Entertainment.” Incoming students left comments on her video, asking her questions about life on the Hill during the pandemic.

“People would ask what is there to do for fun,” Harper said. “They would also ask about the application process.”

User Kayla Edwards commented on Harper’s freshman experience video.

“I’m a junior in high school trying to figure out what HBCU would be right for me,” Edwards said. “Now I know I have to go to FAMU.”

YouTubers have been able to have an influence on their viewers and they’ve also been impacted in their own way from uploading content. Nick Jonas, a fourth-year business administration student, has received help for his own business. Nick uploads his videos on his channel “Stretch Life.” Jonas has his own photography and videography business called StretchLifeVisuals.

“Because people have seen my videos, they’ve wanted me to edit their videos,” Jonas said. “I haven’t received any big projects yet, but I’ve done small projects here and there to help out my business.”

Jonas is also a transfer student and has had the opportunity to help transfer students with his transfer student advice video.

“I want to actually help someone in life and get them to where they need to be,” Jonas said. “Academically, I’ve been through a lot of things. I’ve been through things that people may have never been through and are about to experience those things as a transfer student. My main thing is being able to help people.”

By using a camera to document their HBCU experience, student content creators are able to help and inspire many. Each YouTuber plans on using their platform to shine a light on the university and their own future projects.